How To Cure A God Awful Sunburn

We all do it. We forget the sunscreen or believe that we are too good for it. We all think, “Oh, it’s just a little sun. I won’t get burned.” Before you know it, your body is as red as a strawberry and you can’t lie down at night without wanting to curl up and die. The first solution is to just suck it up and put on sunscreen. There are so many benefits to wearing that stuff. First, you won’t get skin cancer. Second, you won’t get skin cancer. Third, you won’t be in pain for a week and a half waiting for that sunburn to turn into a tan. If you are stubborn when it comes to sunscreen, then you probably won’t take my advice on wearing it. But maybe you will take my advice on how to cure it! Here are a few easy ways you can cure that terrible sunburn ASAP.

Aloe is your best friend.

This little lotion is a godsend. It relieves the heat from your sunburn. You can keep applying this throughout the day and night. If you are in a lot of pain and your sunburn is extra severe, you will need to have a bottle of aloe with you at all times. Seriously.

Drink agua.

Your skin is dehydrated since it was basically just cooked in the sun. Make sure you drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. This also helps your skin heal faster, makes your face clearer, and helps you lose weight. Water is kind of a miracle beverage. Drink it.

Cold baths.

While this probably doesn’t sound super appealing, it will when your body hurts so bad you just want to shed it like a snake and get some new skin. In due time, my friend. In the meantime take cold baths as much as you can. It will relieve some of the pain and take the heat out of your sunburn as well.

Pain relievers.

Don’t be afraid to take some Advil or Ibuprofen. Hello, a sunburn is painful. It’s definitely acceptable to take some pills to stop hurting as much as you are. Plus, this will help eliminate the risk of sleepless nights.


This crazy trick actually works! Black tea on a sunburn makes it feel a hundred times better, I swear. I had a a terrible, terrible sunburn from an unfortunate event on a boat in which I totally forgot to apply sunscreen. Needless to say, skin was burned and I definitely paid the consequences for having no regard for my skin at that time. But I tried the tea on skin method and it worked! Within a few days, my sunburn was practically gone.

Last but not least, vinegar.

Vinegar is a crazy liquid that has so many different jobs. It can prevent acne from spreading on your face. It can boost your metabolism. And, it can be used to treat a sunburn! If you are anything like me then it might be hard for you to stomach the smell of vinegar (hence, the black tea method I used). But if you don’t mind it, lather yourself up in it to quickly heal your sunburned skin!

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, one of the many Houston alarm companies. Since her awful bout of sunburn in the summers of ’09 and ’12, she lathers up in sunscreen even if it’s cloudy out.

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