Vanishing Office Walls: Technology Blurs Physical Office Constraints

Gone are the days of punching a time clock and sitting behind a desk from nine to five, Monday through Friday—at least in many cases. Positions that formerly had to be confined within the constraints of a physical office are now mobilized, with the ability to perform duties from anywhere in the world. Workforce mobilization has even led to increased capabilities and enhanced productivity.

Flexible Work Times Boost Productivity

Modern enterprises are beginning to realize that people have different peak functional times throughout the day. Some workers thrive in the early morning hours, while others are at their prime in the afternoon or evening. Practices such as working from a home-based or remote office are enhancing productivity by allowing employees to capitalize on their personal peak performance times. It seems counter-intuitive, but providing modern workers with more freedom actually helps them accomplish more.

The key to success in such arrangements is to empower employees with a sense of ownership and control. It’s long been proven that employees who are invested in their work do a better job—flexibility is just one way to enhance that sense of responsibility.

Mobile Devices Enable Remote Reporting

The increasing use of mobile devices is even making the job of the road warrior a little easier. Instead of driving back to the office every day to submit paperwork, place orders and check in with the boss, modern technology allows mobile workers to connect to the company infrastructure from anywhere.

That means employees can create documentation on work orders that are instantly synced with the main office, reducing the fuel usage, mileage and general wear and tear on vehicles—which not only saves the company money, but reduces environmental impacts as well.

We live in a workaholic culture. Employers are placing increased demands due to financial constraints, expecting employees to produce more in the same amount of time, or making demands on their time outside of normal working hours. The pain of a 70-hour workweek is lessened when that extra time can be put in from the comfort of a home office, eliminating additional commute times and transportation hassles.

Technology Reduces Travel Expenses

International corporations, or even those with just a few team members located across the miles or even in a different country, are taking advantage of the ability to conduct full meetings while practically eliminating travel expenses. Before technology such as web conferencing was a reality, meeting with stakeholders and partners in other physical locations required expensive air and land travel. Today, the same can be accomplished with minimal cost and without the need to uproot team members from the comforts of their offices.

All of these factors lead back to one important point: Employees and executives today are demanding a more balanced, flexible life. And while the demands of the office are more likely to be on the rise instead of the decline, technology is making it possible to find the ideal balance between work and family—the key to a productive, engaged and invested team that will take your company to the next level.

“Robert Stanley is a content producer at ClickSoftware field service white paper; a company which also offers a variety of resources on capacity planning and mobile business apps.”

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Vanishing Office Walls: Technology Blurs Physical Office Constraints 2
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