Top tips for saving money on a Summer holiday

Ever felt like you’re scraping the barrel each year to go on holiday? Or, worse still, you haven’t been able to afford one in years? If you feel like it’s a matter of pennies and pounds or you just like to hunt for great deals, then look no further.

Read our comprehensive guide on ways to save money, after and during your Summer holiday.



You may or may not be familiar with this age-old word that keeps businesses afloat and countries running smoothly (sometimes) but budgeting will be an essential part of raising what you need for those upcoming days of relaxation. If you’ve never done a budget before, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Make a list of all your expenditure.

2. Make a list of essentials. We’re talking bills, toothpaste, travel to work, food. alcohol, cigarettes, wine and take away are not essentials. These are ‘entertainments and leisure.’

3. Work out the cost of the holiday you’re after.

4. Now with that figure work out how much you’ll have to cut down on entertainments and leisure.

5. If, with NO entertainments and leisure at all, you still can’t afford a holiday, then you’ll have to scale down the length and destination of your holiday or get creative.

Creative Saving
Even the most hard-nosed business man or woman can be surprised at the huge savings possible once you begin to think ‘outside the box’.

Look for cheap online deals via Groupon and KGB. Hunt out 2-for-1 cinema tickets. Shop in the reduced aisle. Look for furniture and equipment on freecycle or ebay. There is a whole world of savings out there if you take the time to find them. Who knows? If you make the right cuts you might even be able to afford two holidays!


The actual holiday can be the most cash-sucking part of the process. Here are some saver’s tips.


Stay in a spot just outside the central tourist hubs. You’ll save money on food, booze and accommodation.


You don’t have to eat out every breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bring a bowl and some cereal. Make sandwiches or salads for lunch. Save precious pennies for stylish nights out.


OK, so you’ve worked out your savings and an extravagant 3 week sun-fest on the Costa del Sol isn’t looking likely. How can you possibly go away? Again, with some exploration and planning, you can still bag yourself a Summery little week away.

Explore Your Country

We Brits are famous for our caravan trips and backpacking. With such vast and beautiful countryside surrounding us, why not give the hills and valleys and coasts of Great Britain a try? You can rent caravans for super cheap and if the weather’s looking particularly fine you can even rent yourself tents which, will significantly cut down on accommodation costs.

Advance Prices

Whether you’re stuck on the idea of visiting a foreign land or your rail fair to the highlands is pricing you out, the key is to get things sorted early. You can saves hundreds of pounds on flights, ferries, rail tickets if you plot your holiday months in advance. A year might seem like a long time away but you’ll be happy you did.

All in all, with a little creative thinking and planning, there are good affordable sunny times ahead. Watching the pennies doesn’t have to be stressful. The more you do it, the more natural it becomes…and the more fun you’ll be able to have as a result!

This article was written by Lucy who helps people budget their money, for lots of helpful money tips check out the Money Advice Service

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