Seven Patterns of the Female Sex Drive

When it comes to sexual desire, the studies back the stereotype. A man’s sex drive is stronger than a woman’s, and it is more clear-cut too. Female libido is complicated, and the sources are harder to pin down.

Women generally place more value on emotional connections than sexual intimacy. Their emotions spark their sexual desire. Female libido also responds to social, cultural and environmental factors.

Researchers have uncovered seven patterns of the female sex drive, and how it differs from the male sex drive. These patterns are general outlines, of course. Sexual desire varies from woman to woman.

Women Think Less Often About Sex

Most men think about sex at least once a day, according to reports. Only a quarter of women think about sex this often. As people age, they fantasize about sex less, but men still think about it twice as often as women.

Women Seek Sex Less Often

Studies have found that women want sex less often than men at every stage of a relationship. They are also less interested in casual sex. According to the research, less than 40 percent of women masturbate compared to more than 75 percent of men.

Female Libido is Complicated

How are women turned on sexually? The female sex drive is complicated, and many women cannot answer this question. Studies show that men are specific about who they fall in love with, who they want to have sex with and how they become aroused. Women, on the other hand, are more fluid in their relationships thanks to sex drives that are less directed.

Various Factors Influence Female Libido

A woman’s sexual desires and practices are greatly influenced by external factors. Studies show that a woman’s sex drive is influenced by her education level, religious beliefs, value system and the sexual attitudes of her peers. Although researchers can only speculate on the cause, it is apparent that female libido is vulnerable to influence.

Female Libido is Contextual

The path to sexual desire is longer for women than for men. The female sex drive is contextual, subjective and layered with emotions. For women, sexual intimacy is built on communication and connection. For men, sex is the connection.

Orgasm is Different for Women

Researchers find it hard to quantify the quality of male and female orgasms. They know, however, that women take at least twice as long as men to achieve orgasm. They also experience orgasm less often. Among men and women who live as a couple, 75 percent of men always have an orgasm, compared to about 25 percent of women.

Libido Drugs are Less Effective for Women

Since the male sex drive is closely tied to biology, their sexual problems are easily treated with sexual enhancement drugs. With women, medications are less effective for boosting the sex drive. Testosterone is linked to both male and female libido, but it works faster and better for men than for women.

Lyndsay Stafford has been a researcher and author for more than 9 years. Lyndsay has made it her mission to discover natural solutions that can improve the lives of other people. When Lyndsay is not researching a health related topic such as the female libido, she loves to grow organic fruits and vegetables with her husband.

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