You name the adventure, Arizona has it all. Outdoor pursuits here include boating, climbing, rafting, cycling, floating, Hiking and even Skiing. Classics like the Grand Canyon keep most tourists entertained, but there are many more less known adventures to be had, from cross-country skiing to the state-crossing Arizona trail which is 96% completed.

White Water Raft the Colorado River and go through the Grand Canyon

‘King Kong’ of all North American Rivers is the Colorado. It spans some 2000 miles and is an epic, adrenaline pumping adventure to raft on. This river doesn’t just flow calmly for 2000 miles, it twists and turns, meandering through the terrain – even doubling back on itself at parts – as if it never wants to leave this land.

Some companies offer trips to travel the entire journey, but shorter routes are available. There are stable motorized pontoons which are much less scary than the other option – huge inflatable boats. These boats seat 15+ passengers and rocket down the river at startling speed.

For a fun and intimate alternative, you can rent small 2-4 man boats for a picturesque float down the river with a loved one. Personally, I recommend you try the white water rafting; besides, you can always be romantic in other beautiful locations in Arizona.

Here are the top 5 rapids for your white water outdoor adventure:

  • Lava Falls Rapids – The Dangerous One

Rapid Outdoor Adventures in Arizona 2

Colorado River Running A Rapid Photo Credit

Many people believe that Lava Falls is the fiercest white water rapids in the entire Grand Canyon. Make sure your professional instructors are on board before you set sail on this haunting journey!

  • Crystal Rapids – The Eighties One

Rapid Outdoor Adventures in Arizona 3

Crystal Hole at Crystal Rapid Photo Credit

In 1980, Lava Falls was a lot different – it was feared by many. What changed? Changes upstream to the Glen Canyon Dam altered how water flowed through the river and at what time of year.

  • Hermit Rapids – The Barren One

Rapid Outdoor Adventures in Arizona 4

Hermit Rapids Photo Credit

Hermit Rapids is a whole step further into insanity. Be prepared to camp with no water and no toilets. You’ll need to care for yourself in the high 110F summer heat; bring sunscreen and water.

  • Horn Creek Rapids – The Horny One

Rapid Outdoor Adventures in Arizona 5

Horn Creek Rapids Mile 90 Photo Credit

The difficulty of Horn Creek depends on the height of the water at the time. Check the tides before you plan your journey to select a suitable journey. At high water you will experience a very graceful raft – as graceful as can be – but at low water, it’s very steep and difficult.

  • Hance Rapids – The Challenging One

Rapid Outdoor Adventures in Arizona 6

Hance Rapids Photo Credit

These class 7 to 8 whitewater rapids are pretty wild. What causes the tremendous current here is the flow of water over the rocks underneath. This creates a powerful hydraulics force that rockets you down the river at speed. The only thing you can pray for is to hit as many waves as possible to slow yourself down!

To journey through the entire Grand Canyon takes around one week as the distance is some 279 miles. Any of the above rapids can be opted in for, just select a really professional tour company. We want you to get wet, have fun and most importantly stay safe!

Sevy writes for an Asian Travel Blog – Vietnam Travel Notes 

Rapid Outdoor Adventures in Arizona 7

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