Five Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the US

Maybe you want to burn loads of calories on your next vacation, and so you’re looking for a spot where you can ride your bicycle extensively. Or perhaps you’re fed up with traffic and the high price of gasoline, and you want to move someplace where the bike is a viable vehicle for commuting to work. If either of these situations apply to you, then you must check out the five cities below.


Portland, Oregon
By common consensus among bicycle experts, Portland, Oregon is the best city for bicycling in the United States. Whereas some metropolitan areas are just now laying the groundwork for citywide bicycle transportation, Portland has provided, for more than two decades, plenty of transportation opportunities for cyclists. Here you can find bike lanes on some of the busiest roads, a full 175 miles of bicycle lanes and an additional 65 miles of bike paths. Nearly one-fifth of the city’s residents name the bicycle as the form of transportation they take the most often or the second most often. In addition, there are lots of great bike shops throughout the city.


Minneapolis, Minnesota
Yes, it’s freezing in the winter, but Minneapolis still has much to offer bicycle enthusiasts. Here you’ll find a veritable highway for cyclists, the Cedar Lake Regional Trail, which opened in 2011. Miles of bike lanes and a lack of hilly terrain also make Minneapolis tops for bike lovers.


Austin, Texas
The southernmost locale on our list, Austin is a rising star in the world of cycling. In this city, the weather is great and bike lanes have been sprouting up all over. Of special note is the Veloway, an innovative three-mile bike path, one that boasts beautiful landscaping and views, and plenty of turns and straightaways to keep riders interested. Great for family bonding, the Veloway is closed to any vehicle with a motor. Incidentally, Austin is home base for one of bicycling’s most notorious figures, Lance Armstrong.


Boulder, Colorado
Nineteen out of every twenty streets in Boulder allow bicycle traffic, an astounding statistic. Even more exciting is the city’s gorgeous forty-acre park specifically designed for bicycles. Called Valmont Park, this oasis brims with racetracks, scenic trails, and even a bike track for toddlers to ride on. Families pack the park on weekends, and many teenagers and preteens come here with friends. What’s more, many professional athletes who compete in bike-related sports train in this city. For all these reasons, people who ride bikes in Boulder are not merely tolerated, as they are in some cities, but embraced, and held up as exemplary. Expect more bike paths and parks in Boulder to appear in the near future.


San Francisco, California
A case could definitely be made for Madison, Wisconsin, to take this fifth and final slot. However, there’s a special magic to traversing the “City by the Bay” by bike. The city has more cyclists than any other large American city, and police are on high alert throughout the area to protect cyclists. Yes, the many, many hills in the region can be challenging to say the least; but the scenery in this town is stunning, and even a short San Francisco bike journey provides lots of cardiovascular exercise.


This article was contributed by Sheldon Armstrong, a regular contributor on INFOTainment News. In addition to being a techie, he’s also an avid bicyclist and loves going on various routes throughout the country. He writes this on behalf of Gary Brustin, an attorney who specializes in Bicycle Accidents. As an avid cyclist for over 40 years, he knows everything about cycling that there is to know in order to give you the best representation possible.

Sheldon Armstrong
Sheldon Armstrong is a regular contributor for INFOtainment News. He loves writing about technology and keeping up with the latest gadgets on the market. In addition, he contributes articles covering a wide range of topics together with his friends who appear as guest writers every now and then.

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