The Proper Biker Gear: When and What to Wear

Riding can be a very great and exciting experience when you have the appropriate biker gear. When you want to take a ride, the most important thing is to ensure that you have the right biker gear in order to get maximum enjoyment in your riding adventure. Below are biker gears and when you should wear them when riding.

Helmet is a very crucial biker gear when riding either a bicycle or a motorcycle because they provided protection to the head and face. Helmets do not only provide protection in case of an accident, but also when riding. They are provided in various stores and, therefore it is important that you be vigilant when shopping in order to buy the right ones. It is important you look for certified ones by the Consumer Products Safety and Commission and do not overspend as you shop. Do not be deceived by many colors and designs if they do not have shell casing and proper fit.

Protection of the feet is very important when riding. Wearing riding footwear that is open toed can be a recipe for problems as you ride. Not only do closed toed footwear protect in case of an accident, but also when the unprotected foot is caught in a chain, it can lead to long time injuries. When riding during warm weathers it’s advisable to have closed sneakers in your side bag or backpack for any eventualities.

Bottom half
Whether you are taking long treks or entering bike events it is necessary that you ensure that the seat of your bike is shock absorbent and comfortable. The most popular and high quality seats have cushion filled with gel and have a split design to cater for human anatomy. There are also biking shorts and pants that have padded bottom that also works well.

Be seen
In most times, drivers find it difficult to spot bikers. In many accidents involving motorcycles or bicycles and car many drivers report to have not seen the bikers until it is too late to prevent the accident. It is, therefore a lifesaving thing to wear a biker gear that can be spotted from far by drivers and other riders. It is, therefore not advisable to buy or wear dark colored biker gear. Select bright coverings for your body for secure riding and reflector vest in case you are wearing dark clothes to allow easy spotting.

Inclement weather
Getting caught up by rain or snow when riding can be a nasty experience during the riding adventure. Wearing the right biker gear will make such scenarios less uncomfortable and more secure. Carry ponchos that can be folded and put in small bag that can be stored on a bike in case of rain or bad weather conditions. Ensure that the poncho has a hood and is made of water proof material that can repel water. Gloves are also very helpful during wet or cold days. Make sure the gloves fits well, insulated and are waterproof. It is advisable to shop for riding glasses to assist when there is poor visibility because of bad weather conditions.
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