Balcony Decoration Ideas

Whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious home, your balcony can provide you with plenty of space to show off your personal style and flair. An appealing and welcoming balcony can make your home look great from the outside and can give you an inviting space to relax and enjoy the fresh air, and it doesn’t even take a lot of time or money to transform your balcony into something that you can be proud of.


Add an Awning

Installing an awning can add colour and flair to your balcony, but it has practical uses as well. With an awning you can shade yourself from the sun’s harsh rays while you are relaxing on your balcony, and you can even help ward off rain and other elements. Installing an awning on your balcony is relatively easy if you have the right tools and a friend to help, and you should be able to get it put up in one day. When choosing your awning, look for a colour that complements your existing home colour, but maybe opt for a bright punch of colour for an unexpected dash of flair.


Use Pictures and Decorations

Outdoor wall decorations look nice on balconies and can be purchased from a variety of different stores and online retailers for low prices. You can go with colourful and summer-themed pieces to give your balcony a tropical look, or you can look for more muted decorations if you prefer the understated look. There are many options that are sure to complement your balcony beautifully, and you can even get creative and make your own wall decorations.

There are myriad great items that you can use to decorate your balcony once you choose a theme. Large rocks or small rock gardens can add a pleasing natural look to your balcony area, and there are many colours and sizes to choose from. Practically any decoration that is designed to use in a garden can be used on your balcony, such as small statues. Hanging wind chimes can also provide you with a peaceful sound and a lovely look.


Potted Plants

The balcony is the perfect place to display your favourite potted plants, and a lot of plants thrive in this type of environment. Along with looking for visually appealing plants that will fare well in the climate of your balcony, try using different shapes and sizes for a nice appeal. Also, pay attention to the pots and baskets that you use for your plants; this is a good opportunity to give your balcony a whole new look. Along with placing shrubs, small trees, and flowers in pots on the floor, you can even place some on the railing or in hanging baskets.


Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

Handsome outdoor furniture can help you pull your whole look together and provide you with a comfortable spot for spending time on your balcony. Look for fun fabrics and unique shapes for your own personalized look, and consider adding throw rugs and throw pillows for added colour.


Maximize Use of Lighting

With the proper lighting on your balcony you can pull the entire look together perfectly. Paper lanterns or fun strings of lights can set the mood for a good time, and even simple white holiday lights can wake up your balcony and work as the perfect finishing touch.



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