Technology makes all our lives easier but also lazier. As childhood obesity rates increase it has never been more important to provide your children with a healthy lifestyle. The following article lists some suggestions on how to get your child off the couch and outside.

Get involved

This is one of the easiest ways to get your child off the couch and playing in the back yard. This may come as a surprise but your children want to spend time with you. So find the time! Rather than sitting in front of the television like zombies head out to the back yard or park. You could play a simple game of tag or choose a sport and modify the rules to suit the amount of people you are playing with. This will not only make your family active but also give you some much needed quality time together. There are no distractions. Doing this will also set an example for your children, you are the role model. You need to lead by example and the easiest way to do this is to get active together.


It’s more than likely that your child’s friends participate in a sport once a week, why not ask your child if they would like to join? This great opportunity for your child to get some exercise, learn new skills and make new friends. They may be reluctant at first; it’s a new situation and change. Don’t be too quick to allow them to give up; one month should be enough to have them loving it. Ask them to make a commitment before signing them up, then a promise has been made and must be met. Make sure that you are ready to commit to this as well. There will be practice and games; you’ll need to find time in your schedule. You want to support them. This means taking them to practise and supporting their team at games. The worst thing you can do is make them feel like they are nuisance.


If you drive your kids to school it might be time to reconsider the distance. Do you live close enough that they could walk and are they mature enough to manage? If you answered is yes; it’s time that you stopped holding their hand and let them walk to school. They don’t have to walk, they could ride! Bicycles are a lot cheaper than you think, especially children’s bikes. Just check out 99 Bikes Brisbane for proof. Having a bike will insure that they get to school in a timely fashion. Letting them make their own way to school will give you a little longer to get ready in the morning, it will also insure you aren’t stressing about picking them up when at work. It’s easier than you think. Be the best parent you can be, the best role model.


Heather is a mother of 3 young kids who loves embracing a healthy and active lifestyle 

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