On the unveiling of the last iPad, Epic Games’ President Mike Capps stated: “this device has more memory and a higher screen resolution than the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3”

Unsurprisingly this quote has been blown up, thrown up, blindly championed and vehemently disputed by over-sensitive fans from all camps. Many tech and gaming sites, in an obvious bid to gain hits, ran with the story that the new iPad was more powerful than the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.Which, I think you’d agree, is a wholly irrelevant comparison to make considering the Xbox 360 was released in 2005, 8 years ago.

Is the iPad a Proper Gaming Platform? 2

Do you want ports or original games?

Are we now going to see an endless of console games ported over to smartphones simply because they have the processing power capable of running the games? To me it seems quite self indulgent on the part of the developers, one that’s relatively low risk and low cost. Porting games designed for consoles over to smartphones is never going to be a truly smooth transition because consoles are made to be played with physical controllers, touch screens do not cut the mustard when it comes to precision control.

Hi Tech

Smartphones are at a point where they can run games such as GTA3 without a hitch (and noticeably without the textures vanishing  beneath Tony’s feet). Technology must be pushed to its limits in order to advance, it is only then that limitations and weaknesses appear and we begin to plug those holes, reassess and improve on this in a newer more advanced version.

This is generally how technology progresses, and gaming tech is no different. We find a weakness and a need for something so we develop it – logically this is technological progression. One thing that doesn’t change much however is the quality of sublime audio. A pair of quality cordless headphones is crucial to enjoy your gaming and your music to the max.

Impressive Graphics

Seeing such a seminal game such as Grand Theft Auto 3 on a mobile phone is quite impressive to see on 4inch screen, even though it is 2012, especially for a late 80s kids like me.Now, Grand theft auto is definitely not the first game ported over to smartphones from consoles offering the console like experience on a smartphone, far from it, however it is (as of time of publishing) the most technically advanced.

Is the iPad a Proper Gaming Platform? 3

My gripe is that the authenticity and true experience that we experienced back in 1998 on the PlayStation 2 is not being paid the due respect. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer to play games on the go with a pair of headphones in or do you prefer them on a full HDTV screen with surround sound soundbar and all that jazz? Let me know in the comments below!

Is the iPad a Proper Gaming Platform? 4

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