Interview with Lana Fuchs Author of “The Blueprint”

[is-gateway name=”HicksNewMedia” id=”INFOtainmentNews”]With all the turmoil going on around the world and now the tragic bombing incident in Boston you have to wonder, what is going on?

Is humanity losing the race and religion wars?  Are we as a civilized society de-evolving as a species?

These questions are a great segway to my interview with TLC’s Sin City TV personality and fashion designer Lana Fuchs.  Among her many hats you can now add author to her repertoire.

Lana Fuchs is the proud author of her new book entitled “The Blueprint – SUCCESS IS A STATE OF MIND.”

Lana Fuchs has a true rags to riches story – born in the Ukraine, Lana came to America and turned her dreams into reality.  Some would lead you to believe that she married into wealth however Lana and her husband built their success together.

After speaking with Lana one can see that she is more than just beauty and money.  She is passionate and compassionate.  She sees a world where humanity is fighting a losing battle and has decided to see how she could make a difference.  With her new book Lana wants to help make difference by helping to change peoples mindset one individual at a time.

With so many self-help books out there why would you want to read yet another?  After speaking with Lana she stated her book is different.  Lana explains that she is not stating any new information however she is actually setting a blueprint for you to follow and to apply in your own lives.  As she further states she is not claiming to be an expert but rather giving you insight of the steps that helped her achieve the successes she has accomplished in her life.

In her book she gives examples of how you can change your state of mind to achieve the success that you want in your life.  She also keeps it simple.

In my opinion we all can strive to be better and could benefit from a better quality of life.  We all deserve a chance to make the best out of the short life we have.  Lana believes that it can take one person to make a change for better or worse.  We just have to sit down and ask ourself which do we choose and take the steps necessary to make the change.  This is what she describes in her new book.

blueprintcoverIt is no coincodence that the title of Lana’s book is “The Blueprint”.

As far as I can tell it does not matter what religion you practice the principles and example mentioned in Lana’s book can help you in modifying your train of thought.

Your mind is a very powerful tool.  Lana stated in her our interview that if you are confident in what you do or say you normally get positive results.  Being confident is a state of mind.

When you are confident your mannerisms and how you present yourself show that you are.  However if you are not confident that also shows and your abilities mirror that as well.

So modifying your state of mind can help better your chances of getting what you want as it is pointed out in “The Blueprint”.

What intrigued the most about “The Blueprint” is that it isn’t stating anything that I have not already heard but instead giving the reader a plan of how anyone can make the changes they need to get where they want to be and with steps to get there..

If you get the chance grab a copy of Lana Fuch’s “The Blueprint and give me your thoughts on it.  I would love to chat about it.

You can purchase Lana Fuchs new book here –  http://lanafuchs.com/shop/the-blueprint-success-is-a-state-of-mind/


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