Five Tips to Get your Living Room to Look Spectacular for Spring

Spring is here and you may want to liven up your living room to be more reflective of springtime. Enjoy the season and bring it to life in your home. Here are five great tips to help you get started and help you to do the job right.


Easy Spring Time Freshen Up with Flowers
Spring flowers are a great way to bring your living room alive very quickly. Regardless of the current theme or predominant color of your living room, bouquets of fresh spring flowers bring the warm weather of springtime directly into your living room. A quick and easy strategy is to place a glass vase filled with the flowers on a console table that has a glass top. If you have a mirror on the wall with flowers in the border, you can utilize the same type of flowers set in front of that mirror. The flowers and fixtures in the room will complement each other in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Any change that you make that brightens up the room, uses natural materials, or uses the colors of spring is a great way to start.


Lighten Up Your Living Room – Bring the Outdoors Inside
Another great way to bring spring into your living room is to make sure that drapes and curtains are open in the daytime. This allows as much sunlight as possible to brighten the room. Mirrors on the walls help spread the spring light by reflecting the brightness all over the room. Keeping curtains closed darkens the room and reduces the effect of your spring decorating efforts.


Add Furniture Made with Natural Materials
Spring is the time for new growth and renewal. Add a new piece of furniture into your living room that is made of natural materials. You may have an old piece to refinish or repair, while that is done, your new spring replacement can brighten up the room.


Change the Color Theme of Your Living Room
If you enjoy a more permanent type of change for your living room, choose a new color theme that is full of spring or citrus shades. These colors exude the feeling of springtime because citrus fruits will soon start their explosion of growth. You can add accessories for your furniture, such as pillows or slip covers, to bring your furniture into the spring theme.


Make the Outdoors an Extension of Your Living Room
Utilize any large sliding doorways leading from your living room area out into a covered porch. You can tie the indoor living area and the external covered porch together with a change of furniture. Teak wood furniture is an excellent way to do this. It goes well with both an indoor and outdoor setting. Teak can also be resident in your garden area and last for more than eighty years.


These are just some of the ways to brighten up your living room for springtime. You can also change pictures on the wall to match the season or change throw rugs to bring a new color palette into the room. Anything in a color, a shape, or material that reminds you of the freshness and newness so abundant during spring.


This article was contributed by Sheldon Armstrong in partnership with Billy Dunham, an avid home improvement blogger who loves sharing his knowledge with the world. He writes this on behalf of Remedy Roofing, your number one choice for professional roofing services in Houston. If you’re looking to have your roof fixed up as you fix your living room this spring, make sure to consider them!

Five Tips to Get your Living Room to Look Spectacular for Spring 2
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