5 Ways Technology Can Help Bring Couples Back Together

Repairing a damaged relationship is never an easy or guaranteed endeavor. Hearts are broken, trust was betrayed, and dreams are on the verge of being shattered. While there are many avenues for former partners to test the waters – counseling, prayer, time apart, etc. – technology can play a surprising role in a reconciliation. After all, we use it so much, and for so many things, that using our smartphones and the Internet to mend a broken relationship seems like a logical step. Here are five ways technology can help bring couples back together.

1. Connecting With Other Couples

It’s not much consolation, but if you’re going through some difficulty with your partner, you’re certainly not alone. There are thousands of other people out there who have been on the outs with their significant other, and they’re more than willing to share their stories on websites, blogs and Internet forums. Whatever is affecting your relationship, it’s very likely that someone out there knows what you’re feeling and going through, and reading of their experiences and success in overcoming the challenge has been made easier by simply going online and typing in a Google search box.

2. Apps

There’s an app for everything, so they say, including apps that help patch relationships. Software like Between, Duet and Tokii will help couples rediscover what they loved about one another in the first place and share precious moments and memories together. An app named Kahnoodle lets partners express themselves in light-hearted and innocuous ways, which is an important step when trying to build a bridge.

3. Moderated Messaging

One of the curses of technology is that communication has become a lot more impersonal than it used to be, but this can help when a struggling couple needs time apart from each other. Facebook or instant messages can allow for a more thoughtful discourse without the pain and discomfort of being in close proximity before you’re ready to make that step. The real time communication will also help get answers and solve problems quicker than the old fashioned way of writing letters.

4. Finding Counselors

The same way you’d use technology to find a good restaurant is the same way you’d find a good counselor when things are bleak. You can search dozens of review sites and blogs to find someone who you feel is a good fit for you and your partner, and who has been positively reviewed by past patients. You’ll be able to see their location, biography and prices before you even set foot in their office.

5. Research

You won’t have to subscribe to dozens of expensive magazines to get advice from renowned relationship experts. Many websites feature columns from psychologists, therapists and authors who make use of the direct nature of the Internet to field questions from their readers, about anything from sexual dysfunction to choosing a marriage counsellor . If you’re worried about things between you and your significant other, you can use the Internet to get insight and opinions from some of the most learned minds out there.

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Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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