Preventative Teeth Care

A smile is worth a thousand words. Well, technically a picture is, but without the pearly whites staring back at you; those pictures will be the last thing you want to have to worry about. Taking care of your teeth is vital to good health and self-esteem believe it or not. So here are a few tips to making sure your smile is just as healthy as you are.

To begin with, it is recommended that you see your dental specialist at least twice a year for cleaning and preventative maintenance of your mouth. Not to make it sound like your mouth is a car but essentially it is. It is your transportation into a world that won’t think twice about your pearly whites. Keep them clean with regular check-ups.

Brushing your teeth twice is a day is what most dentists will tell you but really it is recommended to brush after every meal to ensure food isn’t staying stuck between your teeth. Food that remains between your teeth can cause more damage than you realize.

Next, you’ll floss and floss again, to ensure the food you had for lunch isn’t staying with you for the rest of the day. You’ll preferably floss between every meal, after brushing, but for sure first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed. It only makes sense that after a full day of meals and bad habits on your teeth, like coffee or smoking; that you take care of them before you hit the hay.

Finally, use a mouth rinse following your brushing and flossing ritual. Rinse isn’t just for helping your mouth to feel fresh and your breath to smell great; it is also helpful in killing bacteria depending on the type of rinse you use.

By taking care of your teeth now you can avoid future painful and more extensive oral surgeries like crowns, bridges, dental implants and even dentures. Believe it or not, there are some things that you don’t even think about affecting your teeth; like grinding your teeth in your sleep. This can actually cause more damage to your teeth so you’ll want to talk to your dentist about a mouth guard to wear at night.

If your dentist tells you that you need braces then they will probably send you to a specialist in your area. If you are in Manhattan, then you’ll probably be referred to the best upper west side orthodontist, Kuncio Orthodontists. They specialize in serving patients with extensive orthodontic needs. It will be a lot less painful if you are able to get braces on as soon as you realize you need them. The older you get the more painful procedures can be.

But again, if you are taking care of your teeth from early childhood on then you stand a better chance of avoiding those costly and painful procedures. Now that you have had a miniature refresher course in caring for your teeth, you’ll make your life and your dentist’s job a lot easier.

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