Determining the most exciting basketball games of all-time can be difficult given the fact that basketball is one of the most fast-paced and entertaining sports on Earth. Nonetheless, we’ve done our research and come up with four games that stand above all the rest.

Will Chamberlain Scores 100 Points
This game occurred during the infancy of the NBA in an arena that wasn’t even half-full, and the game was not televised. Quite unfortunate in hindsight, because Philadelphia Warriors center Wilt Chamberlain put on scoring clinic that has yet to be matched to this day.

Chamberlain’s 59 second-half points are also a record that will never be eclipsed, and every defender who attempted to stop him from putting the ball in the hoop on this fateful evening quickly racked up a handful of fouls which led to a bevy of free throws that increased his point total dramatically down the stretch.

1998 NBA Finals – Game 6
This turned out to be Michael Jordan’s final game before his 2nd official retirement, and it has endured as his single greatest moment in an illustrious and legendary professional basketball career. The Bulls staggered through the first three quarters and trailed 66 – 61 going into the final frame.

Much like he often did throughout the 1980s and 90s, Jordan took over the game down the stretch, putting the Bulls in a position to beat the Jazz on their home court and win their sixth NBA Finals in the Jordan regime. The game shook down to Chicago and Jordan having possession of the ball down by one point with under 30 seconds left, and Jordan was able to lose his defender before rising up from the top of the key and swishing a shot that ended up cementing victory with just over five seconds left.

Tracy McGrady Scores 13 Points in Final 33 Seconds
This was just another game on the 2004 regular-season schedule until Tracy McGrady turned it into one of the most historic finishes in the history of the sport. Down by a bundle of points with just over a half minute left, McGrady went into a zone and took complete control of the game, hitting three straight three pointers and mixing in a steal and buzzer beating three-pointer to seal a 81 – 80 victory over the shell shocked San Antonio Spurs. The game was clearly McGrady’s crowning achievement in a career that lacked any noticeable success or achievements in the postseason.

2008 NCAA Championship Game
Widely regarded as the single greatest and most exciting college basketball game in the history of the NCAA tournament, the 2008 NCAA Championship Game was ultimately won by the Kansas Jayhawks, 75 – 68. The seven point victory didn’t explain the thrilling finish that unfolded in the final minutes of regulation as sharpshooter Mario Chalmers and the Jayhawks carved into a lead that the Memphis Tigers had assumed would hold up. The dramatic three-point fling from way beyond the arc with just a few seconds left tied the game at 63, and Kansas made short work of the stunned Tigers during the five-minute overtime period.

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