Should You Try Speed Dating?

Dating is an important aspect of social behavior. People date to sift through the masses of potential partners, in hopes of finding that one special person who will not only allow them to love and be loved, but also push them to try new things or be a better person. More often than not, people meet potential partners who may initially be attractive on the surface, but after undergoing the slow process of getting to know them, they find that in fact there are few shared interests or values. It can take years of crushed dreams, broken hearts, and false starts before we begin to become disillusioned with the whole process.

Speed Dating Lets You Take an Active Role
Dating in this “old-fashioned” way tends to be a slow, tedious, and often frustrating and disheartening experience. We may find ourselves “giving up on” looking for love, throwing it to the winds and hoping fate will somehow connect us. However, for those who are still not ready to give up, and who want to take a more active role while maintaining efficiency—in other words, wasting as little time as possible—the best answer may be to try speed dating. This concept has been around for years, and chances are that you have heard it before, likely dismissing it off-hand as a fad that will pass and can’t possibly lead to real relationships. With the continued existence of speed dating, however, it is hard to ignore the fact that in some cases it proves to be very successful.

Is Speed Dating for Me?
You may ask yourself if speed dating is something you should try. If you are ready to try a new approach to dating, what have you got to lose? A lot of people try speed dating for a very specific reason: time. They are often single people who have a very busy life, leaving little time to invest in potential relationships. Speed dating offers them the efficiency of meeting several potential dates in an organized manner so that in one night they can sift through a select piece of the dating population.

Speed dating is offered all around the world now, most often in bigger towns and cities. In fact, on any given night in a large city there may be multiple speed dating functions going on at the same time. This gives you one great aspect of speed dating: options.

How Does Speed Dating Work?

When you walk into a speed dating group, you are assigned a number. Ideally the number of men and women are close to equal. There is usually a little mingling with light refreshments served prior to the dating portion of the event. Once everyone arrives, the ladies are invited to sit at a specified table, where they remain throughout the entire night. The men take their seats at a table and thus the rotation is set. According to different events, there is a set time that each guy gets to spend at any given table—usually it is very short, no more than 4 or 5 minutes.

Why Speed Dating is Helpful
The challenge and whole point of speed dating is to cut out the preliminary small talk and get to figuring out the essence of the person in front of you, and make a decision if you’d like to date them or not based on those few minutes. Some people (especially speed dating veterans) come to it prepared with special questions based on what they value in relationships. They can be very straightforward –this is another factor that makes speed dating unconventional. A person is then ideally better able to weed through the options to find their perfect or near-perfect matches.

Many companies offer speed dating services, and have established themselves in major cities around the country. There are also many local companies to look for in your area, or even organize your own speed dating event by advertising to singles through social media. If you are tired of the nightlife scene, do not want to date co-workers or clients, and don’t have the spare time to put into the search for someone you actually enjoy, trying speed dating can be a great option.

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