4 Moves Banned by the WWE

Pile-DriverWrestling is dangerous, no matter what the nay sayers might be saying. When it comes to WWE Raw, there’s plenty of potential for serious or even fatal injuries. Wrestlers often have similar injuries after a match as victims of a car accident. While extreme professionalism and mastery of skills is required, there’s always the chance that something will go wrong. Fractured discs, torn muscles and even paralysis and death have happened–fairly recently–in WWE history.

That’s why certain moves are banned. The purpose is entertainment, and no one wants to see a wrestler seriously hurt. Here are 4 moves that are rightfully banned in the WWE.

1. The Original Piledriver

A WWE favorite, the original version of the piledriver is illegal. It poses a big risk for a wrestler’s neck and can cause permanent spinal damage. Basically, the move involves lifting an opponent, flipping him upside down and dropping his on his head. Needless to say, it’s been the cause of numerous injuries–like with Austin’s neck. Now, some wrestlers do modified piledrivers and don’t actually drop someone on their head.

2. Shooting Star Press

Also called the Air Bourne by Evan Bourne, this banned move uses an aerial technique where one wrestler climbs onto the ropes and/or post and flies–like a star–onto his opponent. Brock Lesnar did this move wrong and game himself a piledriver. It’s deemed by the WWE to be too dangerous, too easy to mess up and gives one wrestler too much of an advantage over another who is already on the mat. While it was a favorite of WWE fans, they’ll now have to stick to old YouTube videos to get their shooting star fix.

3. 450 Splash

When Juventud incorrectly executed a 450 Splash and almost destroyed Paul London’s face, that was paramount in getting this move banned. Somewhat similar to the shooting star press, this is also an aerial move that requires a wrestler to be at the top of the rope. He then splashes down at a 450 degree angle to land right on his opponent. Both Jeff Hardy and Paul London were known for their epic splashes.

4. The Vertebreaker

Also called a back to back piledriver, it’s another way to get into the piledriver. One wrestler stands behind the other, hooks his arm through the other’s, and then flips the opponent over headfirst. In the end, one wrestler is upside down and they’re situated in an upright position back to back.

There’s no question that wrestling is full of adrenaline junkies and accidents will happen. Banning certain moves keeps wrestlers safe, even though fans aren’t always happy about having their favorite moves deemed illegal.

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