The Frustratingly Difficult Task of Selecting the Best Office Desk

When you are shopping for furniture for your office, you know that you need to choose pieces that reflect you well. Your office is the place where you talk with your clients, and in many cases, your clients see you for the first time sitting behind your desk. You want your desk to make as good an impression as your clothes, so take a moment to learn more about what your options are. Each one has upsides and downsides, so choose carefully.


Cedar desks are lovely and rather traditional. They are perfect for you if you are in a rather traditional field, especially one that requires you to portray yourself as stable and secure. The nice thing about cedar is that it has a warm reddish tone to the wood. It can make your whole office feel more welcoming, and there is no denying that the wood itself is quite sturdy. On the other hand, you should also keep in mind the fact that cedar is quite heavy and quite expensive. That means that moving a large cedar desk can take some time and some trouble unless you are quite careful. Cedar is a good choice once you are sure about staying in your office for quite some time.


When you are looking for a desk that is quite modern, consider glass. Glass desks are typically a large slab of glass with a metal frame underneath, giving the piece of furniture rather spare appearance. This is a good choice if you need a desk to take up as little visual space as possible. If your office is on the tight side, you can choose a smaller glass desk that will take up less space both visually and spatially. A glass desk is a great choice for someone who wants to be seen as cutting edge. However, it is important to remember that glass desks are made of glass and that glass is fragile. If you are someone who has to do anything physical on the desk or if you have to put heavy things on the desk, get something else. On top of that, glass also picks up fingerprints very easily. Do not get a glass desk unless you can be dedicated to keeping it clean.


When you want a very practical, very utilitarian office desk, you need to think about getting one made of metal. Metal desks are typically very sturdy, and you will find that if you need to look at heavy things or work on them for any length of time at all, a metal desk is the right call. These desks can take a beating and keep on going, but the drawback is that they are not considered terribly attractive. There is a certain charm to their plain looks, and if you are someone who likes the idea of seeing something very utilitarian in your space, this might be the one for you. A metal desk, like a cedar desk, is quite heavy, so make sure that you only get a metal desk when you are prepared to stay for a long time.


A mahogany desk is one of the most traditional and stately options out there. The dark wood suits an office that is trying to exude stability and structure, and you will look your most imposing when you are sitting behind one. Remember to choose a mahogany desk that does not overwhelm your frame. These desks are so stately that they can quickly make you look a little shrunken. Mahogany desks are also quite expensive.

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