Although it may not be likely that you would think of an automobile company when you consider the types of businesses that not only focus on, but that actually design and build energy efficient products, that is exactly what automobile companies like BMW are doing. For its efforts to build automobiles and accessories, like headlights, air filters and bmw x5 floor mats, that are environmentally friendly, vehicles and accessories that don't drain energy resources to operate, BMW was recently honored as a Duke Energy Power Partner.

BMW Honored for Its Energy Efficiency Efforts

In fact, in the March 20, 2013 Greenville Online “BMW Honored as Duke Energy Power Partner” article, Duke Energy's Senior Vice President, Gayle Lanier, said, “We deeply respect BMW’s commitment to sustainability and their innovative approach to responsible energy use.” Lanier went on to say, “Their collaboration to identify and implement energy-saving changes has improved their sustainability and operational success, while also improving the very community where their employees live and work.”

Some of the ways that BMW provides its customers with energy or economically efficient vehicles are to design unbeatable engine specifications, set high production standards and build dependable accessories like its highly reviewed bmw x5 floor mats. When it comes to reliability, one reviewer shared that BMW's bmw x5 floor mats are designed with sculpted channels. It's these channels that prevents water, mud, dirt and sand from spreading across a car floor's carpet. Anti-skid ridges at the bottom of bmw x5 floor mats keep the mats from sliding beneath drivers and passengers' feet.

Rubber and carpet are materials the floor mats can be purchased in. You could also purchase a set of floor liners to extend the life of your original BMW flooring. Original bmw x5 floor mats are water resistant, a necessary feature if you want to avoid having to clean your mats on a weekly basis, especially if you live or travel to areas that receive lots of rain, snow and ice. Rubber mats hold up and don't crack in low temperatures.

Of course, these are economically efficient tools offered by BMW. Other economical and energy efficient measures the company has taken include using methane gas. For example, the BMW plant in South Carolina uses methane gas developed at a landfill that's located near its plant. This allows the company to efficiently “cogenerate electrical power and hot water.” Furthermore, “Implementation of the landfill gas program reduces CO2 emissions by 92,000 tons per year.” Results of these energy saving methods saw BMW be named as one of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's “second largest Green Power Partner.”

These and other efforts are often passed along to BMW owners, making it possible for you and other drivers to do your part at helping to strengthen the environment. Ways you could take advantage of economically or energy efficient accessories include shopping for genuine BMW accessories and parts. You could be sure you're getting genuine accessories and parts, like board cases, sport automatic transmissions, exhaust systems, mud flaps, bmw x5 floor mats and valve stem caps by checking the products for authentic BMW logos.



Greenville Online: BMW Honored as Duke Energy Power Partner

This informative article is contributed by Rhonda Campbell to promote awareness of the energy efficient automobile movement.

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