Treating Back Pain the Smart Way

Back pain originates from pain in the different structures of the spine. Of the different parts of the body that can ache, most of the people visit a physician or a doctor because of back pain. In U.S alone, back pain the 5th most common reason why people visit doctors. Living in Queens, NY you will find that many adults suffer from back pain at some point in their life. This is true for adults in other parts of the country as well.

The spine is a very complex bone structure of the body. There are many nerves, ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles in the back. All of these are connected through a complex network and at times can cause pain the extremities. It is therefore very important that you get proper back pain treatment. There are many different types of back pain treatment programs in Queens. The proper doctor will help you follow the correct treatment plan and will help you reduce the pain without surgery.

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Conditions Treated without Surgery

Acute low back pain and back spasms are effectively cured with heat therapy. There are different forms of heat therapy and the doctor recommends treatment depending on what therapy type the patient is most comfortable with.

Message therapy is another way to treat back pains. However these therapies provide short-term relief and it is believed that pressure point or acupressure message is more beneficial. Doctors have many different points when it comes to the type of medication that is used to treat back pain. If you live in Queens, you will find many doctors who will recommend different treatment programs for your back pain. Some will offer exercise while others may offer you one of the treatment methods discussed above.

The treatment plan that is offered by your local Queens doctor is dependent on your medical history along with your current situation.

Conditions Treated with Surgery

When it comes to back surgery doctors usually try and wait till they have exhausted all other options. Most common back problems that are treated with surgery include: scoliosis, compression fracture, lumbar disc herniation or lumbar spinal stenosis.

There are many types of surgical procedures used to cure such pains. You might even perform back surgery to remove malignant or benign tumors. The recovery time for each procedure varies. The type of procedure, the cause of pain and the physical strength of the patient play key role in determining recovery.

While most of the symptoms for back pain are related, it is only with the help of a good doctor that you will be able to differentiate the different types of pain and reach the right conclusion and follow the correct treatment.

It is advised that a person should not immediately look for diagnosis but should try to talk to the doctor and follow their advice so that the pain reduces over time. If the pain does not go over a certain time then the doctor should look in and devise a separate course of action.

Image source: http://chiropracticsocietywi.org/chiropractic-for-back-pain/

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