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Not all projects in Kickstarter are successfully funded but it’s nice to see some of the cool ones get the money they need to fund their work. According to the Kickstarter website, less than half of the projects actually get their funding. The funded project percent is 43.65% as of today according to their web page.* With that in mind it’s pretty cool to see this one, Legends of the Knight, by film maker Brett Culp, make it to it’s goal. As of this writing the project has met its minimum goal of $31,850 and still has about 20 hours to go. With a little over $50K, and 961 backers, they appear to have enough to finish the film.

If the trailer is any indication, I think I’ll really enjoy seeing this feature length documentary when it’s finally completed. Growing up as an avid comic book fan, I can relate to some of what was discussed in the preview. Batman was always interesting due to his lack of superpowers and his ability to still hang with Superman, Green Lantern and the others with major super powers. Despite his often dark and grumpy demeanor, Batman was inspirational from the perspective that he never gave up and, of course, he almost always found a way to win. It’s very interesting to see how he’s continued to inspire and encourage a new generation of fans.

I also really like what I saw in terms of the video and audio quality in the preview. I felt engaged with the trailer and the intro which you can find on the Kickstarter page linked above.  The documentary apparently chronicles the stories of people who have been inspired and moved by the modern mythology of The Batman. In the trailer, we get a brief introduction to a woman with muscular dystrophy and a boy who fought off cancer, among others. Both people were inspired by The Batman to fight against their illnesses in different ways.  The woman says “I would dream I would wake up with super powers one day, and when you realize that’s not gonna happen, you say, ‘well wait a second, Batman doesn’t have any powers.  He does it just fine.'”  The boy is asked “What would Batman do if he had cancer?”  The young man replies “He would try to stand back up, … and fight it… Like I did.”  It drew me in.

Perhaps if this one is successful we’ll see more from this team. I’m secretly hoping to see something about Spiderman or, who am I kidding, I’d enjoy seeing something like this about many different superheroes.

From the press release – “Culp is a life-long Batman fan. Over the past year, he and his team have filmed stories in 12 cities, recording 48 interviews. They captured the stories of individuals whose love of the Dark Knight has inspired them to overcome devastating obstacles, to motivate and encourage young people, and to contribute to their communities.”

Sounds and looks great to me – It’s another in a long line of wins for Kickstarter and the rest of us who have a place to go to create or participate in bringing products, services, entertainment, and more to life through crowd funding.

*I am not certain about the time frame for the data.

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