Marketing to Mom: Your Self Published Children’s Book

Marketing and publicity are the two toughest challenges that you as a self-publisher will face. All of your hard work, your gusto and your determination, that’s what will market your book. You don’t have a team of professionals pushing your title, contacting interested parties, or advertising a new release—all of that is up to you. That being said, I hope you’re not going to be self-publishing in hopes of getting rich. Making money off of your book should be a secondary concern, because a lot of times you won’t. The reward is in getting your work recognized and appreciated. As long as you are okay with that, here are some ways to help you market your self-published children’s book.

Use the Internet

There is not enough that can be said about how useful the internet can be in marketing. Make sure that you have a presence on the World Wide Web, be it through your own author website or through a personal blog. Use Facebook and Twitter to post updates, advertise book signings and readings, and to announce book-giveaways to followers. Consistently keep these updated—there is nothing worse for a consumer than the same old thing every day. You can also seek out other writers’ websites and ask them to review your book on their site. Make connections, spread the word, and never underestimate how powerfully the internet can work for you.

Create Events

There are plenty of things that you can do to advertise your book in your community, and a lot of those things will have to do with readings and signings. If you haven’t self-published yet, you can even execute a magnificent launching campaign this way. The most popular venues for readings are going to be schools, libraries, and book stores. Contact and ask around anywhere and everywhere, because the worst answer you can get is “no.” Advertise the event with posters, online, or through any other outlet you can think of. Bring plenty of free books to hand out, and don’t expect to get paid for the event—but what you make in publicity will be invaluable.


Whether it’s through the internet or in person, you will have the opportunity to meet other authors, self-publishers, marketing professionals, and various others within the industry. Don’t pass up the opportunity to meet and network with these people. They may or may not become valuable resources, but you will most likely learn something from them. Remember that within any network relationships are a two-way street. If another author is helping to advertise your book, return the favor and provide a link to that author’s book on your own website. It only takes a second, but it will be more than worth it.

Consider Hiring a Distributor

You won’t make as much per book that is sold, but you will probably sell more books. As far as profit goes, hiring a distributor probably isn’t the most solid move that you can make, but when it comes to marketing, a distributor can take you a long way. They will help maximize your outreach by getting your book into more areas and markets than you can imagine. From a marketing standpoint, distributors are a no-brainer.

Give Away Free Copies

It’s been mentioned in some of the other areas already, but make sure that you are giving away plenty of free copies of your book.  You can even donate them to charity if you want, and help a cause while spreading your title around. The more books you give away, the more your name gets out there, and the more interested people become in your title.

Produce with Quality

Last but not least, make sure that you are doing everything you do to its fullest. You have to give 110% on everything you do, especially in creating the work you are marketing. If you’ve written a book that your heart was kind-of-I-don’t-know-maybe in it, it doesn’t matter how well you market it. Your first step should always be to write with all of your heart and soul, and produce a book that you are proud of. Never shoot for anything less than the best.

Maria L Hughes is a children’s book enthusiast, parent, and online publisher for She enjoys blogging about reading and kids books.

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Marketing to Mom: Your Self Published Children's Book 1
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