HandsOn: iLine™ Mobile Music Cable Kit

IMG_9832 IMG_9833 IMG_9835 IMG_9836 IMG_9837 IMG_9838The new iLine™ Mobile Music Cable Kit from IK Multimedia is the mobile DJ and mobile musician ‘must have’ kit for connectivity.

It comes complete with 6 different types of cables that will meet almost all of your connection needs.  One of the best features of all the following cords is that they are ‘case friendly’ – So, even if you have a phone case that covers a bit of the headphone jack on your phone these cables should still fit.  No guarantee on this but they work for me.  My cases don’t leave a lot of room for most headphones or other connectors but these plug in just fine.

The Cables

1. The mono output splitter – This is my favorite since this is what you’d use with the DJ apps like DJ Rig (also from IK Multimedia).  The only thing you might need here is an adapter to go from 1/4″ down to 1/8″ if your headphones are of the 1/8″ variety like me.

2.  The input output extension – This is your basic extension cord that adds almost 2 feet to your 1/8″ cables.

3.Stereo Aux Cable – a ‘must have’ for many late model cars with an auxiliary input jack. I’ve also use these to run my iPhone to my computer’s microphone input.

4. The Headphone/Speaker Splitter – 1 1/8″ input and 2 1/8″ stereo out puts.  Sharing is caring and this cable allows you to care with a frieng <g>.

5. The Mono Output Adapter – plug your phone, complete with your various IK Multimedia accessories (like Stomp and Amplitube Slash)in to your amplifier or other accessory.

6. The RCA Output Adapter – Another of my favorites.  I have several of these due to the many times that I’ve used them in the past.  This cable makes it easy to connect to most stereo systems or any other device with RCA inputs.

Each cord comes snugly wrapped in a little Velcro strap that helps keep them tidy and untangled.  Plus the kit comes with a travel case that keeps the cords separated and neat.  It has a couple Velcro corners that sort of keep the case closed but in testing it out, I found that the cords would pretty easily fall out.  A suggestion might be to either have a zipper or more Velcro so the case stays closed.

Another nice but subtle feature is the color coded bands around the male and female connectors. Blue stands for Stereo, White is Mono/Left, Red is Mono/Right and Green is Stereo with input.

Other features include

  • 24K gold-plated connectors
  • High purity copper conductors
  • Low-capacitance insulation
  • High density shielding


At $59.99 the average price of the cables is $10.00 which is great for IK Multimedia quality.  Great sound quality, easy storage and a variety of connection options make this a recommended buy.

See my Vine for some brief video of the iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit.


HandsOn: iLine™ Mobile Music Cable Kit 1
HandsOn: iLine™ Mobile Music Cable Kit 3
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