It’s true, maternity wear has recently gained more fashion acceptance by being worn with the uber and always fecund celebrity crowd, forcing designers to take notice of a relatively untapped market; that of the expectant mother-to-be.   And why wouldn’t they?

Pregnant women tend to be in their 20’s/30’s/40’s mature enough to know who they are and what they are looking for in designer wear.   Some have already gained a good foothold in their respective careers, which means they are looking for pieces that complement their style and sophistication.  And during their nine months, they won’t have to sacrifice their design aesthetic for their burgeoning bellies; instead pregnancy and fashion can become a united front.

In the not so distant past, the maternity section was relegated to a small, unobtrusive back corner, where baggy outfits often hang in silent reproach.   Not so much, any more.  These days you are just as likely to find designs that will capture the most discerning eye than the acreage of material used in the maternity muumuus of yesteryear.

If this sounds like your quest for fashionable maternity wear, then let’s begin with the choices out there:

  • Online Convenience: Yes, you can go online and shop in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  Sites like maternity clothes offer a wide selection of fashion forward pieces, evening wear and a line of sophisticated and comfortable clothing, all catered for the expectant and chic mother-to-be.   Let’s face it, during those nine months you may have to attend a wedding or an evening out, a work function or need swimwear.  For those who follow celebrity trends, you will not be disappointed with the designs that stars like Halle Berry and Jessica Alba have also embraced.  Make sure you check the sizing guides, outfits should be fitted according to your normal size, regardless of which trimester you are in.
  • Budget-friendly: With Target’s Liz Lange putting her design touches on many affordable and attractive pieces, Target’s maternity line also has some options that many pregnant women can pick up, with enough savings to cover their toddler’s new outfit as well.  Keep your eyes open, sometimes outfits that are out of season when you’re first pregnant will be in season again by the time 40 weeks rolls again, those who are on the lookout for a few penny pinching pieces will not be disappointed.
  • Beg, Borrow and Steal: Well, maybe not steal, but if you have a friend with great taste and a bit of a clothes horse? Keep her in mind after she delivers her third and final child.  Often times women may hang on to their maternity wear, until they eventually come to a point that perhaps their family size is maxed or complete, they will want to dispose of those clothes in a hurry.  Of course, you may not get everything you want, after all style is subjective, but with a couple of nice pieces you can mix and match to pull your wardrobe together.

At the end of the day, maternity wear is here to stay as our women who are ensuring the survival of the human race (a job not to be taken lightly).  So why not enjoy those nine months (or ten when the 40 week mark rolls by, without a twinge of labor) and enjoy your wardrobe.   After all, once

Kristen Hurst is a stay at home mother of three who enjoys blogging.  She received her bachelor’s degree in fashion marketing, and writes often about maternity swimwear.  When she’s not trying to juggle the lives of Casey, Austin and Ben, she enjoys painting and catching up with a great Jane Austen novel.

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