Benefits Of Rowing Machines For Home Workouts

The days of only having the option of working out in a gym are long ago with the huge assortment of effective and high quality fitness machines and home workout DVD’s that are created for home users. In fact, many people opt for working out at home because it is more convenient, easier, saves gas and timeby avoiding the drive and also provdies for more privacy. Another perk of avoiding gyms is the indispensible benefit of not waiting in long lines to workout on your favorite machine or trying to squeeze into an over crowded aerobics class.

There is so much choice in exercise equipment for the home that consumers usually need to spend at least a little bit of time to decide which one is best for their particular needs. Varieties ioonclude, ellipticals, treadmills, home gyms, steppers, exercise bikes, spin bikes and rowing machines.

Benefits Of Rowing Machines

Here are some of the benefits that you might want to consider before you purchase your own rowing machine.

Challenging Full Body Workout

If you are looking for some challenge to your regular routine, then consider adding a rowing machine, which is one of the best type of home exercise equipment on the market. Rowing machines are quite popular because they provide one with challenging fitness moves while at the same time providing the user with ways to trim down. Rowing machines give the user the experience of rowing movements, which involves not only the arms but also the abdomen as well.

Cardio And Fat Burning

Rowing machines provide good cardio workouts as it involves almost the entire major muscle groups of the body. You can also adjust the resistance, which will then give you an added challenge to your exercise routine. The exercise routine would also elevate your heart rate as well so you will get a good workout session.

Another benefit with the machine is that it helps burn fat fast compared with other fitness equipment. Using the equipment for an hour would burn off approximately 600 calories, which is a lot of calories when one compares it with the use of other exercise equipment for the same amount of time. An hour every day for about six-workout sessions would literally help you lose a pound in a week’s time.

Body Sculpting

The rowing machine is also an effective body sculptor. It helps strengthen your upper and lower body and gives you a well-developed core. The upper arms also gain strength so you would be able to do things that you would not normally do.

Less Risk Of Injury

With this equipment, the risk of injury is also limited. Unlike other equipment that might tear ligaments or muscles and even hurt your knee joints, the rowing equipment prevents you from getting hurt. One thing to note is to keep the correct rowing posture so you will not risk getting your back strained. It is important that whenever you use an exercise machine to use the correct posture as this would give you benefits. So if you feel tired, then it is better to stop the session and give yourself a break than to push through and hurt yourself in the process.


To conclude, if you are looking for a total body workout, then consider purchasing the rowing machine and adding it to your exercise equipment at home. The machine is a good investment especially if you are conscientious about your health and fitness. With the machine in your home, you can do your workout sessions whenever and wherever you want. You not only save time, but you are also investing in your health

Martin is a personal trainer who helps clients learn about fitness and get their bodies into shape, he teaches that having a fit body is the best way to ensure a healthy and long life, and to have the energy to work, play and enjoy life.

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