If you have ever considered getting a Master’s Degree in Economic Crime, you may be wondering what career options you have after graduation. There are actually several fields you can explore and should so that you can make an informed decision. Here are some examples of the jobs you could have with a background in economic crime.


There are a few different kinds of investigators: there are corporate investigators which handle any inside or outside investigations; financial investigators who often start out as a company’s CPA and are primarily responsible for uncovering assets in order to satisfy court awarded damages; and private investigators who are hired by an individual or a company to do surveillance and uncover criminal activity. Regardless of the kind of investigation you are interested in, it is sure to be a stimulating career.

Security Manager

You may be more interested in a security type career. Many security companies offer their services to wide variety of businesses from banks and other financial institutions to hotels and apartment complexes to bars and night clubs. Working for or even owning a security company will be far from dull and offers the reward of knowing you are helping people to feel safe and secure.

Internal Auditor

An internal auditor sole purpose is to check the accuracy of a company’s internal records. While they do examine financial records one of the more important responsibilities of an internal auditor is to also monitor information systems and investigate a company’s employment negligence and fraud.

FBI Agent

Working for the FBI can be a very thrilling career. Agents are responsible for a wide array of things including federal violations, and national and international security. While jobs with the Federal Bureau of Investigation are competitive and have many requirements, the benefits of such a job are unquestionable worth the effort.

As you can see there are numerous careers one can purse with a Master’s Degree in Economic Crime. The roles for these individuals are becoming more and more necessary as businesses and even the government realizes they need to put measures in place to manage their security and prevent fraudulent activity.

Keep in mind however that these jobs can be just as rewarding as they are necessary. The underlying goal is to prevent economic crime and the specific job does not change that goal. You are helping businesses and individuals and ultimately strengthening this great economy that we all share.

Dee is an office manager and is also responsible for maintaining financial records at her company. She does freelance writing/blogging on the side and enjoys ghost writing as well.

Exciting Careers You Can Pursue with a Masters Degree in Economic Crime 2

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