Should You Become a Plumber?

With many career options come questions about which career may be the best for you. There are numerous careers out there that have topped the list as the most lucrative and have a high satisfaction level. One of the careers out there that can be the most lucrative with potential for substantial growth and job satisfaction is that of a plumber.

The Assets of A Plumber

Plumbers are a valuable asset to many societies all over the world and they provide a needed service to a variety of people in both commercial and domestic entities. They ensure that the plumbing is running correctly in reference to running water which is important for access to many basic necessities, such as drinking water, cooking and bathing. As a plumber, an individual will have specific job responsibilities and those key job responsibilities include: repairing plumbing systems, providing maintenance, installations and more. Plumbers will also have to be knowledgeable in working with different types of hydraulic systems and waste water systems; diagnosing problems, providing system removals and upgrades. Plumbers work in all types of environments, ranging from quiet and well lit to noisy, tight spaces with barely any light. Plumbers perform their work both indoors and outdoors, but depending on a plumber’s specific specialties they can choose to perform work only in outdoor locations or indoor locations.


Those seeking to become a plumber should have at least a high school diploma. After high school many potential plumbers enroll in a technical school to learn knowledge of plumbing. Enrolling in a technical school for plumbing is not required, but can be a good investment as it offers opportunities to network with instructors and alumni whom are already established within the profession. If a person chooses to attend technical school for plumbing there are a variety of classes that are required for successful completion and it is advisable for people whom are interested in the plumbing field to seek out information of reputable plumbing programs.

Regardless of whether or not an individual chooses to attend technical school, a person will need to acquire an on-the-job apprenticeship. The time to complete an apprenticeship takes between three to five years and once experience is gained in an apprenticeship a person can advance in the field by earning a journeyman’s or contractor’s license. A seasoned plumber will also have the opportunity to work as an employee for government, private or public entities and have the option to become a licensed contractor whom is able to run their own business and provide services through other businesses.

Those who are more introverted and like to work alone are said to be well suited for the plumbing profession. Other personality traits include enjoying work that is not routine, working with their hands and finding it pleasing to establish solutions to problems alone. Salary for plumbers will vary depending on location. Experience will also play a factor in how much a plumber will earn annually.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average yearly salary of a plumber is over $47,000.  Job availability is also established based where a person is located.

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This piece was written by Desmond Franklin, a freelance writer and author who focuses on professional training, employment trends, the construction industry, skilled trades and other related areas; to learn more view the information at Houston Plumber.

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