5 Celebrities Who Messed Up on Twitter

Once it’s on the internet, it’s there to stay—and that goes double for celebrities. Gone are the days when celebs depended on well-rehearsed interviews where their agents had the final say. The world of social media, and particularly Twitter, put a huge soapbox underneath already fame-hungry A-, B- and even D-listers. Here’s a look at the top 5 oopses from the most beloved or love-to-hate celebs.

#1. Kimmy K
Kim Kardashian is a fame-monger like no other. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but her huge Twitter scandal might change that. Her flop into the Israel and Palestine kerfuffle—when she clearly favored Israel by tweeting, “Praying for everyone in Israel”—was just one controversy. Kim also got some serious backlash after tweeting an image of a diamond-encrusted gun a little too soon after the Sandy Hook tragedy (not to mention after stating she was against gun violence).

However, what can be expected of a “celebrity” that made her name from a sex tape? She’s the train wreck no one can look away from, and with Kimmy’s baby on the way, only more face-palming tweets are to be expected. Perhaps they’ll even rival her tweet “Watching cash cab and these questions are so hard!” Without a doubt, she’s leads the pack of 5 celebs who’ve messed up on Twitter.

#2. “Cuz I’m black b*@#h!!!!”
This was Rihanna’s less than lady-like reply to a follower who asked why her hair was nappy. Needless to say, it got very heated and mixed reviews from her throng of followers. They ranged from prideful re-tweets to lengthy drawn-out conversations about race and politics in the US. This lovely statement has become an integral part of her online presence, used as taglines and headlines on a number of articles about the chanteuse, which isn’t necessarily a good thing but shoots her to number two on the list.

#3. The Entire Group of One Direction
There are just too many gold nuggets of Twitter knowledge from this “band” to pick just one member. From “not to alarm anyone but i genuinely think i have left my toothbrush in the last place we werr inn :?” to “pooop is all i have to sayy,” the endless tweeting only proves the lack of intelligence (or, hopefully, typing skills) of this boy band. It was the gems like “Taylor Lautner wer was my invite to the gym?” that got One Direction an entire article in the Huffington Post dedicated to their regrettable tweets, and to number three on the list.

#4. Lilo: At Least She Tried
No one can leave Lindsay Lohan out of the worst tweeter hall of fame. While her Twitter feed is unsurprisingly not the most intelligent out there, she really shone when the Hurricane Sandy tragedy hit. “WHY is everyone in such a panic about the hurricane (I’m calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace. #hurricanesassy.” When that sassy Hurricane Sally claimed over 100 US lives, not even the #hurricanesassy’s Wikipedia page was enough to save Lilo from embarrassment—not that she probably cares, which is why she comes in at number four.

#5. But Can She Spell “Heiress?”
Paris Hilton may have faded from the limelight, thank goodness, but her tweets live on in infamy. She had a few winners, but it was the “No, no I didn’t go to England; I went to London” that earns her the number five spot on the list. However, a very close second was Lil’ John’s “WAS RUSHIN HOME TO TAKE A DUMP AND GOT CAUGHT BEHIND A SCHOOL BUS DROPPIN KIDS OFF! LONGEST 30MINS OF MY LIFFFEEE!!” However, in the end, a complete lack of geographical knowledge won over a bathroom emergency and might even get her a stunning Alviero Martini handbag for her next birthday.

Everyone makes a regrettable tweet every now and then. When you’re a celebrity, you have to be extra careful. Hopefully these top five celebs learned something from the backlash, embarrassment and shame they caused themselves with these tweets. On the other hand, hopefully they didn’t—and fans can enjoy many future blunders to come.

Drew Hendrickshttp://p0g.com
Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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