die-hardAction movies have always been box office top grossers. Action flicks give adrenalin rush. This is the reason people still like to watch cinema that whip up the sensory storm on the big screen with surround sound. Though Bollywood too have transformed manifold by using advanced technology, Hollywood movies are epitome of action and thrill. The Hollywood has provided numerous action movies that have left their mark on the cinema aficionados.

Action movies have been into existence since years but they didn't get official tag until late '70s. A number of motion pictures are now considered a part of action movies; including some of the latest English movies that have been raising a storm at the box office. . The movies now define the genre today. But, if you think that action movies can easily be listed; then this not the case. It is a difficult task for any action movie lover to create a compilation of best of action movies made so far. Each one is great and everyone has its own taste when it comes to rating a movie. There will always be something that will be new to you; no matter how many times you watched the movie. Here are few top action movies that everyone must have watched in his life.

Enter the Dragon – Action, thriller, and martial arts genres; Enter the Dragon is the story of Bruce Lee. Martial arts have always attracted viewers, and have grabbed eye balls of all over the world since years. Though Bruce Lee has never been good in acting; his excellent martial art skills were second to none. Various movies have been made based on martial arts stunt but Enter the Dragon is surely a delight to watch. The movie was made in 70’s but is still featured on almost all movie channels on TV of contemporary times.

Lethal Weapon – The popularity of action movie can be understood from the fact that the movie was released in three successful sequels. The movie runs around cops trying to bring down a drug cartel run by Vietnamese commandos. It is fun to watch Mel Gibson in action; and happens to be one of the best all-time hit action movies.

Speed – Tightly scripted with beautiful screenplay; the movie is best among the action movies made in 1990's and still worth watching. The movie is among those which can be watched over and over again. A mad bomber high jacks a bus by planting a bomb on the bus that is wired to blow; if speed drops below 50 miles per hour. In between the difficult time the actor manages to flirt with a lady that caters to the taste to romance genre as well.

Saving Private Ryan – This is one of the best movies made on Second World War. It set the benchmark for filmmaking as it supersedes all made on the same theme. Use of hand-held camera, speeding up of the images and colors; all contributed to the uniqueness of the movie. It is amongst the most amazing creations by a filmmaker till date.

Terminator – Terminator had three sequels and all of them have been a class apart. With Arnold Schwarzenegger in action; the movie binds people to their seats as they watch mind boggling stunts and are dragged into a futuristic world where the line between humans and artificial intelligence is blurred. From the original terminator to the last Rise of Machines; the series is one of the best action movies done by Schwarzenegger.

Gladiator – Those who have a flair for history and historical background; Gladiator will deliver them the excitement and adventure that they are looking for. The movie is an excellent display featuring the life of gladiators in the once blood-thirsty Roman Empire.

Die Hard – The Die Hard series is another crowning jewel in the action movie genre given by Bruce Willis who played an NYPD cop and fought with terrorists all alone with his intellect and will power. His character revolves around fighting a terrorist group that capture large a skyscraper in New York.

The list is in exhaustive as every year a bunch of English action movies are released; these are one of the bests among all and are considered classics.

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