5 Tricks for New Parents Fighting Exhaustion

Babies demand constant attention for their survival, requiring that a parent closely monitor all food intake, activities, and digestive movements. This can lead to high levels of parental stress, due to sleep deprivation and malnutrition. Busy parents may not have time to eat right and rest, leading to potential driving risks and sluggishness at work. Take a look at some of these ways that parents can fight burnout and get life back on track.

1. Get Help

Parents who are becoming overwhelmed need to ask for help. Exhaustion can become dangerous, especially if a parent begins to get angry and lash out with rough motions that can endanger an infant. Anger or apathy can be dangerous side effects of exhaustion, so parents should rely on each other, family members, and friends to assist in childcare. A short-term babysitter can alleviate worlds of stress, allowing time for a parent to recuperate, take a nap, and eat a healthy meal.

2. Use moments of peace

Babies with digestive issues may stop crying after parents administer gas drops. An uncomfortable pillow or a strand of hair tangled around a child’s hand are easy problems to fix. After a child settles down, parents must take advantage of these moments to finish other important tasks, relax, and address other aspects of life. Take a moment of calm to prepare some tea, put on soothing music, or catch up with the news.

3. Be cautious

Vigilance while caring for a young one is crucial, but hard to maintain if one hasn’t slept well for days. Don’t let fatigue lead to carelessness. When taking time to relax or eat, make sure parents are not accidentally endangering an infant. Before settling down for a nap, make sure that a baby is lying on its back, in a safe environment, like a crib. Do not cuddle with a child amongst heavy bedding or small toys. This can lead to suffocation as a parent sleep. Follow safety rules before relaxing to avoid dangerous errors.

4. Create a schedule

Finding time for relaxation is tough. Put together a comprehensive schedule of how you spend time outside of work. Prioritize tasks. Do you really need to do laundry two days a week, when it can be done once? Can family members alternate tasks to reduce workloads?

5. Prep good meals

Make healthy meals in advance and freeze them. Many new parents suffer from a poor diet during the first months of raising a baby. Prepare and pack food in advance, especially for those busy days when it’s too tiring to cook.

5 Tricks for New Parents Fighting Exhaustion 2
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