Out with the old and in with the new: How to reach your teenage niche and more

smsYou always wanted to work for yourself, to be your own boss, to run your own business. But you could never figure out how your product would fit into the traditional business models you have known. Ever since you were young, you had the gift to invent items that people loved. Now that you are grown up, you have decided to take that risk, to go into business to sell your product despite your concern around traditional business models. You weren’t sure how to best set up your business so you did some research and wrote some thoughts down

Your product is such that it is always changing, always improving, and always keeping up with the latest trends. These products of yours are perfect for teens who want to keep up with the latest styles. As you will now need a team of employees to help you with your product, you know you will need to keep in close contact with them to ensure quality is number one. With all of these variables in play, you wonder how you can bring your dream to life and share your products. That is when you realize that you are going to be a SMS Business.

By using SMS, or short message service, you will be able to communicate with all your staff members quickly and in a cost-effective way. Faster than email, you will be able to easily keep in touch with your employees that are now helping to bring your products to life on a grand scale. If you need to quickly contact a one of your managers or call in some employees to meet a deadline, using SMS to communicate will make that happen so much faster.

Your Teenage Niche
Teenage girls seem to always comprise the majority of your consumer base. SMS works perfectly with your teen consumers because they are most likely always attached to their phones, prefer texting to all other forms of communication, so much so that you are pretty much guaranteed they will send and receive numerous texts every day. A straight forward and individualized way for you to send announcements, coupons, and future promotions for your iproducts, your teenage consumer loves the personal attention your business affords them.

So you can rest now and get down to the business of cultivating and nurturing your business. You have found the best way to target your niche and get messages out to them immediately. As quickly as your product changes, will be how quickly your customers will know. You have found a way to conduct business that is cost-effective, immediate, and reliable. Although not perfect, you have found a style of business that meets your product, client, and employee needs. You no longer need to worry about fitting into an old business model. You have found a new way to do business and even more.

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Out with the old and in with the new: How to reach your teenage niche and more 2
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