Facts on Becoming a Successful Handyman


A person who is considering the occupation of handyman may have a lot of questions about this line of work. The following looks at the job responsibilities of a handyman, the character traits that help a person to succeed in this occupation, and the benefits of this career along with other pertinent details.

What is a Handyman?

The general definition of a handyman is someone who conducts repairs in people’s homes. A handyman may fix a broken garbage disposal, replace a part in a toilet, fix a doorbell, or unclog a kitchen or bathroom sink. These are just a few of the tasks a handyman can do. One of the things that makes a handyman so valuable is that he can conduct a variety of repairs and take care of other jobs in a home. These are jobs that don’t require extensive repairs, but they do need to be done. A handyman is multi-talented when it comes to fixing things in a home.

Favorable Character Traits in a Handyman

A successful handyman is trustworthy. A handyman works inside people’s homes and comes in contact with a homeowner’s possessions. This person must nurture a reputation for being trustworthy. A handyman must also arrive on-time to work assignments. This is a sign of professionalism that will be appreciated by homeowners. A handyman should also offer homeowners reliable and thorough work. A successful handyman stands behind the quality of his work.

The Benefits of Working as a Handyman

One of the best parts of being a handyman is that the work is different everyday. For instance, if a person works in one particular neighborhood he may fix a garbage disposal one day and spend the next day replacing an area of water damaged carpet in a living room. A person who loves variety in his work would likely enjoy being a handyman. In addition, a handyman usually sets his own hours. He may work during regular business hours or find himself making a repair late into the night. A handyman’s work hours depend on the specific job and the needs of a homeowner.

Finding Job Opportunities as a Handyman

A handyman can find work in many ways. One way is to advertise in the local newspaper or put up fliers in some nearby neighborhoods. Sometimes a handyman can get a job working for a homeowner’s association that has charge of a group of townhouses or condos. A handyman can join an association like the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals to learn about work opportunities. One of the best ways a handyman can find work is to conduct successful repairs on neighbor’s houses. Word-of-mouth is an effective way for a handyman to become sought after for his skillful repairs.

Salary of a Handyman

The salary of a handyman varies from situation to situation. For instance, a handyman with ten years of experience behind him along with a long list of satisfied customers will make more than someone who is just starting out in the occupation. A handyman who is just beginning in the career may want to establish an hourly rate of around $15.00. Of course, if a repair job requires that a handyman buys materials those must be paid for by the homeowner. This may seem like a low hourly rate, but it is more important for a handyman to focus on establishing a reputation for dependable work.

Brian Potter is a freelance writer and blogger who concentrates on home construction, upkeep and repair, renovation and remodeling, and other like subjects; HandyPro has excellent information on the handy man industry in Atlanta, Georgia.

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  1. Great article. I especially like the part about the handyman being trustworthy, the nature of the service is entering people’s homes, many of which have families and children to be mindful of. Gaining the trust of your clients is paramount in creating a sustainable business for yourself. Learning to gain trust is vital.

  2. Very informative. As someone getting into the handyman business, it was great to hear about the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals, I will definitely be reaching out to them for guidance. Nice work!

  3. Great post with informative content. A good handyman is hard to find nowadays, especially one you can trust. A unique benefit of being a handyman is the different types of work you would see on a daily basis like you mentioned. As a pool cleaner, most of what I see is the same.

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