1000waysAn anthology series, 1000 Ways to Die ran on Spike TV from May 14, 2008 to July 15, 2012. The premise of the show is a tongue in cheek approach to recreating unusual deaths and urban legends, including expert interviews that define everything behind the death. Portraying each incident comes with witness testimony and imagery animations to best show the method in which one has died from an unlikely accident. Background narration also accompanies each story.

Some of the unlikely accidents to appear on the show range from a wide variety of incidents, such as the following:

– Dying Young: This is an episode that aired showing several different ways in which individuals died young due to several unlikely accidents. This episode included incidents of someone being hit by a subway car in Manhattan, being killed by Bengal tigers in India and Bangladesh, suffering a concussion and a subdural hematoma while out in the desert and falling victim to the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

– Make a Death Wish: This episode brought attention to a murderer who suffered from liver cancer while in prison, two men becoming capsized in Little Bay, a man escaping police custody only to be shot down, a death row inmate suffering respiratory issues in prison and 520 people who died from injuries following a plane crash in a mountain.

– Rate Your Death: This episode spoofed its title on the game Rate Your Mate, and it captured moments of a Brazilian singer dying from internal injuries due to cancer, a disc jockey who died in a car accident, a Dutch climber who became ill while climbing 26,000 feet, a Canadian folk singer who was killed by a pack of coyotes and a cricketer who died from severe injuries following a biking accident.

– Live and Let Die: Spoofing the James Bond movie, this episode followed a game show host dying from an aircraft accident, an accused murderer found dead from multiple injuries including a broken nose, a family who was killed from Indians attacking the camp, an engineer whose own robot kills him and an avid jogger who was killed by a wolf attack.

– Ultimate Sacrifices: This episode offered insight on movie and real life deaths, the movies of which included Snakes on a Plane, the French Connection and Natural Born Killers. The real life deaths included a woman jumping off the fifth floor, a man who died from injuries after an accident and Whitney Houston's death.

– Wheel of Death: This episode displayed a man who died while trying to rescue climbers trapped in a crevasse, flight passengers who died as the MiG-23s flew under the radar, 113 people who died from an oil spill ignition and 188 people who died from an industrial factory fire at the Kader Toy Factory.

– The Search for Death: This episode looks into Heath Ledger's death, John Candy's heart attack, the movie United 93, the separate deaths of two roommates, a fictional spin on Casey Anthony and the story behind Abraham Lincoln.

– Swimming With Death: This episode examines a Finnish actress who believed a chimney to be a balcony and fell through, John Wayne Gacy's death, a reporter who committed suicide on live television, a man who was gored to death by a goat and the death of Marilyn Monroe.

As it is clear to see, 1000 Ways to Die looks to examine real life deaths, urban legends, written scripts and other fictional events in an effort to explain the science thought behind each event.

Robin Tilfer is a freelance writer based in the greater Seattle metro region; he writes on auto accidents, DUI, law, politics, the legal system, law and entertainment, law and media, and other similar matters. If someone should have a Wrongful Death legal need they should contact a firm with substantial experience in this area.

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