5 Ways That Windows Affect the Value of Your Home

The windows in your home have a significant impact on its value – not just on its market value, but also its real value as a home to live in. Banks, real estate professionals, homebuyers, and politicians all know this, and homeowners should as well. Here are five ways that your home’s windows directly impact its value.
Appraised Value
When a homeowner installs attractive, new, energy-efficient windows, it can increase the appraised value of the home. Banks know the value that these windows add to a home and will finance the additional value. That means that the money a homeowner spends on installing new windows is a real investment with an estimable return.
Installing cheap, contractor-grade windows may increase the home’s value and improve its energy efficiency, but those windows can also take away from the home’s aesthetic appeal, making it less attractive to buyers. Installing quality wood sash windows such as those that are available at http://sollex.co.uk, have a compelling effect on the home’s curb appeal, making it easier for Realtors to market.
Energy Efficiency
Inefficient windows are one of the great energy vacuums in any home that has them. Single-pane windows leak heat like a pail with a hole in it leaks water. Aluminum-clad windows are framed in a heat-conducting substance – the very opposite of an insulating material. A home with inefficient windows can cost a third more to heat or cool than a home with good quality windows, a fact that translates to increased costs for the homeowner and decreased attractiveness to potential buyers.
The simple fact is that it’s easier to live in a home with good windows than it is to live in a home with bad windows. Inefficient windows create pockets of heat in the summer and of cool in the winter, resulting in unevenly heated, uncomfortable rooms. Generally speaking, the better the windows are, the more comfortable the space inside them will be – and although market prices get all the attention, the comfort of a home is the clearest indicator of its value to those who live in it.
Political Math
Because installing high quality windows is one of the best ways to save energy, encouraging window installation is one of the pet projects of politicians who like to save energy. That results in generous rebate and tax credit programs in most areas, which allows homeowners who improve their homes with new windows to take advantage of political math. Investing $10,000 in new windows will generally increase a home’s value by $10,000, so in a sense the $1,000 or more that a homeowner receives back from the government is free money.

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