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IMG_9255While we were at CES last month, I stopped in to see the cool folks at the FlyGrip booth and they told me about their handy device that you can use to secure your grip to your phone.  They call it the ‘one-handed smartphone solution’ and I thought I’d check it out.

After receiving a new iPhone case, I followed the 3 step instruction guide on installing this new accessory.  At a high level they are as follows –

  1. Clean the surface – they even sent along an alcohol wipe
  2. Apply FlyGrip – basically peel it and stick it on.  I did take a moment to try to eyeball the center of the phone –  left to right – and tried to identify the right location at the bottom of the phone.  I did not want it to be crooked so I spent a little time with this.
  3. Press Firmly – you have to hold it down for 30 seconds and press firmly with both hands.  They ask that you wait at least 30 minutes before using.  And 48 hours before “heavy usage”.  I’m not quite sure what they mean by heavy usage since I rarely use my phone to hold other things or pry open other objects.

Holding the FlyGrip with fingers in proper place was pretty easy but I wondered how this would fit someone with significantly larger hands.  I believe my fingers are relatively slender and even though the FlyGrip size is ‘Large,’ it fit.  So, I have to assume if you have larger fingers it will be difficult to use the device.

IMG_9259I generally keep my phone in my pocket and was initially concerned about the FlyGrip adding to the depth of the phone.  It measures about 1/4” when closed and it actually turned out to be ok.

Overall, the FlyGrip is pretty nice  – using it as a stand is a great feature that works in either portrait or landscape mode.  Using it as a grip feels comfortable and seems natural.  It didn’t take much to get used to it at all. With it, I was able to more freely use my thumb for input and not have to depend on my pinky for holding the weight of the phone.  The build feels sturdy and since I found myself obsessively clipping and unclipping, I can say that it seems to hold up well when used repeatedly.  Also, since they recommend that you position it low on the back of the phone you still have room for other accessories like the Clip and Go that I reviewed previously.  I had both attached to my phone and it worked quite well.  If I had to pick something about the product that was a problem, it might be the price.  http://shop.flygrip.com/ lists them for $29.95 which is not crazy in the smart phone accessory marketplace but still, it’s a little high.



If you don’t mind shelling out a Jackson and a Hamilton for the functionality, I think you’ve found a great match.  It works, the team at FlyGrip have been great, and it’s a nice add on for the phone.

closeup of hinge

Please let me know what are your favorite add ons for your smart phone – share them with me on Vine, twitter (@lagilliland1), google+, my facebook fanpage or right here

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