Some people think that public relations (PR) is a waste of time; a soft form of marketing that doesn’t really do anything but irritate people. This really isn’t the case though. PR is crucial to every industry, not least the fashion, beauty and celebrity markets. To recognise why, you first have to understand what these clever PR people do.

Basically, PR specialists are responsible for a brand’s entire global image. That’s right – the messaging, aesthetics, communications all go through these multi-tasking, hard-working individuals. this changes slightly per industry, though, so here’s a quick rundown on the part PR plays in the celebrity, fashion and beauty markets.


In fashion, PR is everything. A PR director for a fashion label is responsible for ensuring the brand is portrayed in the best possible light at all times. The world of fashion is a big one. It spans most all of the world’s countries; with designers and brands fighting it out every day to be the ‘it’ label of the month. A lot of the time, fashion PR specialists are trying to fight fires or incidents of mis-communication in the press. They also work hard on press releases, talking with celebrity stylists, offering clothing to famous faces and setting up interviews/photo shoots for the brand.


Often, the world of celebrity PR and fashion PR cross over. A celebrity can help a fashion brand by carrying its bag, wearing its clothes or donning a pair of its gorgeous shoes. Likewise, the celebrity’s profile is listed by being associated with a high-profile fashion house. It’s a win-win on both sides. Celebrity PR is so much more though. Celebrities’ agents will arrange for them to be seen at certain events; more often than not supporting a good cause, or promoting a product they really believe in. This will help demonstrate their giving, passionate nature. Agents also arrange for their celebs to give interviews, take part in photo shoots and generally get their name out and about. They must treat the person as a brand.


The beauty industry is so rife with new products, all promising miracles, that it’s pretty hard to stand out. As such, beauty PR experts must work hard to get their products out there; holding tester groups and offering them up as freebies in the world’s most-loved magazines – like Vogue. Plus, they might work on getting a review or profile of a new product in magazines like this. Arranging the right type of advertising is crucial too, across all digital and print-based channels. Product placement is another big aspect of this and, again, one that crosses over into celebrity PR. If a famous face is seen promoting a new face cream or make-up product, it can do wonders for said product’s reputation. Sometimes products are placed within TV shows or movies, too.

All in all, PR spans many different activities. What these comprise is very much determined by the product or industry, so it’s only by delving into the big bad world of public relations that you can see just how important it is to the world.


Article written by the PR-savvy folk of award-winning PR agency PHA Media in London. Find out more about the company and its work on Twitter @phamedia.

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