Build Yourself a Trophy Room

Robert GoldmanSportsmen are modern day gladiators, and they should most certainly treat themselves as such. No gladiator is complete without a trophy room designed to hold all of his or her greatest achievements on the battlefield of dreams, and below are six concrete reasons why building a trophy room is a great idea.

6. It’s personal.

Some people keep scrapbooks to preserve their memories, whilst others turn to recording hours of film wherever they go. Walking through a room you personally designed yourself while gazing intently at your heroic accomplishments on the battlefield will give you an unrivaled sense of satisfaction. When times are rough in life, it never hurts to look at the happier days in your youth to remind yourself you were and always will be capable of accomplishing great things, no matter who tells you otherwise.

5. It’s a creative outlet.

Humans are imaginative creatures, and as such need an outlet for all of their creative inventiveness to go. Designing a creative, well-done room can be a never-ending project that can satisfy your creative itch whenever you feel the create something powerful with your bare hands like the humans of yesterday. People without creative outlets frequently become depressed individuals. Building a trophy room can be a fantastic change of pace needed to instill a little extra excitement into your life if you are tired of the status quo.

4. Bragging rights.

When you brag to your comrades about how you “slam dunked the field goal so hard it collapsed upon the weight of your power” or that you “shot the deer from three hundred yards away with a mere 9mm” you can show them the trophy and the head of the deer you earned to prove it.

3. It can be a fun family activity.

Building a trophy room with your children can instill in them the value of hard work. After all, they can see the results of all of your efforts right in front of their faces. It can also instill inside them deep, emotional pride that you as their parent gave it your all even when the times were tough and inspire them to try hard at whatever they are talented in as well, so that they can one day too build a trophy room to show their own children.

2. The trophy deserves to be displayed.

Every single trophy in the room, be it animals that have previously been stuffed by a taxidermist or bronze, silver, or gold metals crafted into the shape of a grand cup represents another obstacle you had to break down and overcome. To rid your greatest accomplishments in life obsolete by denying them the right to be displayed and praised is robbing yourself of all the pride and satisfaction you deserve for preserving no matter how hard it was, and pushing yourself to the utmost limit to win in the ultimate battle against yourself, to never stop improving even though chances were you were good enough already.

1. Memory

As we get older as adults, our memories slowly but surely begin to fade. With the use of a trophy room, the act of preserving your memories becomes much easier. Heroes are given a visual and physical representation of all the greatest feats they achieved in their entire career, and even if when they are older they can’t remember exactly what they accomplished, the sheer tangible weight of memories will keep the legacy of their blood, sweat, and tears shed on the battlefield alive until death and beyond the grave.


This article was composed by Kenneth Penn, a freelancer who focuses on home improvement, remodeling, renovation, DIY home projects, and other related matters. For those who’d like to learn more about awards, make sure to view the acrylic awards available at this destination.

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