Peter Thiel and The Floating Communities

Peter TthielConsider the dilemma faced by billionaire Peter Thiel. The founder of Paypal and investor in Facebook wants to build a new country. It may be to increase his fortune, but grant also the motivation to solve pressing problems with unusual solutions. That’s the definition of creativity. His passion for change and futurist wisdom may appear radical.


Suppose there were an environmentally conscious, superbly educated, individual from India who wishes to relocate to the U.S. to pursue his passion in a technical development-friendly organization. A Silicon Valley firm stands ready to hire, but he can’t acquire a work visa. The firm is willing to hire the man, but faces repetitive roadblocks. For all we know, the individual might be able, with the encouragement and resources of the hiring company, to develop some item or process that is beneficial to the human race. Several hundred foreign firms are lining up.


What’s the issue? Count the reasons: Taxes. Property. Visas. Governmental bureaucracy, politics, and the ability to live and operate in an unfettered, Libertarian, and somewhat self-contained universe. And it is envisioned to be a place where mores will be self-adjusting.

Initially, Thiel’s vision is a set of floating offices, places to work. Presumably this will involve residence space for those who occupy the offices. This is the Blueseed project, where developers Max Marty and Dario Mutabdzija have staked their claim on a floating information technology fortress which will allow the attraction of tech entrepreneurs and futuristic visionaries to be able to work.


Thiel is the early banker behind two such activities, the Blueseed vessels and the floating cities. The concept is that these floating communities will be self-sustaining living areas, purportedly anchored to the seabed outside the U.S. continental waters, in much the same manner as oil-drilling platforms are positioned. Some references indicate that he may be willing to stake his entire fortune on these ventures and their promise of a technical utopia. To date, his investment is $1.25 Million.

The initial plans are for development to occur to the west of San Francisco, California, adjacent to Silicon Valley, putting extraordinary talent within its reach without the detriments conferred by the government and economy of the state itself. Myriad problems await resolution.


The first part of the plan begins in 2014 with the prototype — a moveable, diesel-powered structure, outfitted for 270 residents. Within a decade, according to The Seasteading Institute, there will be several communities planted on platforms. They envision that by 2050 there will be “millions of residents,” according to the London Daily Mail, at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2024761/Atlas-Shrugged-Silicon-Valley-billionaire-reveals-plan-launch-floating-start-country-coast-San-Francisco.html. See also http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/silicon-valley-legend-paypal-founder-peter-thiel-envisions-floating-cities-coast-california-article-1.951630.


The stated reason–the moribund visa-granting system of the U.S. lies at the heart of the venture. The visionaries behind these schemes wish to attract bright and talented people when it is difficult to obtain work visas. Harder to measure is the motivation to loose the population from all restrictions of government or moral suasion. That remains to be explored. Certainly there are logistical questions to be answered: one can hardly take a ride in the country. Ultimately will nuclear power prevail?

In The Meantime

It is hard not to contrast this movement against a piece of 19th century fiction by Edward Everett Hale, “The Man Without a Country.” The younger Philip Nolan might have seen the vision. The older man might not have been quite so sure.

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