Five Perfect Finger Foods for Kid’s Birthday Parties

When hosting a party for lots of children, knowing what food to serve can be tricky. With smaller appetites and longer lists of likes and dislikes than most adults, providing a wide range of simple, bite-size food is your safest bet, but that doesn’t mean your party treats have to be boring.

Take a look at these exciting children’s party ideas – guaranteed to make the kids and their parents happy!

Cake Pops

The cake of the moment, a cake pop is basically a ball of cakey goodness with a lollipop stick stuck in it, usually covered in edible glitter, sprinkles or icing. The reason these cakes are a winner for children’s parties is that they are easy to hold, don’t require a plate, and are in bite-size portions, making them the perfect sweet treat for smaller stomachs.

Mini Burgers

Miniature food is popular with big and little hands alike, and has even become a fashionable party trend in the food industry. Children will love eating mini burgers, and given how much other party food there will be, these will be just the right size.

Mini burgers can be found in the party food section of most large supermarkets these days, but if you want to make your own simply buy ready-to-cook meatballs and press then into a patty before cooking on a flat baking tray. Chop cheese slices into quarters and use balls of savoury monkey bread to act as the buns. For a colourful treat add halved cherry tomatoes and a sprig of watercress or rocket.


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Fruit kebabs

For a healthy snack that parents will thank you for, try your hand at making fruit kebabs. Chop up a melon, pineapple, a couple of bananas and a punnet of strawberries into large pieces. Thread a chunk of each onto a wooden skewer, along with blackberries and green grapes, to construct your own fruit rainbow.

Kids can eat with their fingers and trade or leave pieces of fruit they don’t like. Just make sure to remove the skewers once each child has finished eating, as these could be a health hazard if your guests decided to play at pirates!


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Cookie Cups

Looking for a novel take on serving ice cream to your miniature guests? This idea is fantastic and so simple too! Make your chosen cookie dough as normal but instead of baking dollops of it on a baking tray, take the dough and mould portions around the cups of an upturned cupcake tray, bake and leave to cool completely.

Pinterest have some great visual examples of this, but essentially you’ll end up with cookie ‘cups’, perfect for serving a scoop of ice cream in. These can be made in advance and they even minimise washing up or spending lots on party plates and bowls.

Veggie Sticks

While most children don’t naturally gravitate towards vegetables over sugary or salty snacks, it’s important to give them the option. Use colourful peppers, carrots, celery and cucumber and cut into strips, but make the presentation fun.

Lay them on a try in the graduating colours of a rainbow, or serve accompanying dips in hollowed out fruit or vegetables – peppers are great for this. You could even vary the shapes you make, to create smiley faces or animals made from plates of veggies.

These are five finger foods that are sure to go down well with the kids. DO you have any more ideas to share?


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