Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

Technological progress is a strange thing. It’s one of the few realms of human achievement that repels itself forward; technology directly begets more technology. And as of late, there are clouds on the horizon for consumer computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Fear not, though! In this case, that’s a good thing. Cloud computing is currently coming into its own and promises to be the standard in consumer computing going forward.

Cloud computing is the process by which data is stored somewhere central, like a server, leaving someone’s devices free to access everything at will so as not to be limited by the storage capacity of a single device. All the device is responsible for, then, is to access the data remotely.

This is an especially big deal for mobile device management, as it pretty much eliminates the need for built-in storage space on all devices, from computers to smartphones. In addition to eliminating the need for hard drives, it also consolidates users’ data very neatly, so what’s on someone’s home desktop can be accessible via their laptop or tablet.


Though cloud computing is still a relatively new phenomena, there are already a number of different applications that allow users to fully connect their devices. Dropbox is one of the most well-known, and it works seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and PCs. The way it works is users upload data to Dropbox’s servers and can then access it from any device of their choosing, once the Dropbox application has been installed. It’s as simple as that.

Carbonite is another popular cloud-based data storage system that has gained traction with businesses. Its approach is more geared toward security, which is another neat feature of the cloud system. By consolidating data onto one server, the host can guarantee the security of a business’ information, as there is only one piece of hardware that contains the hard data.

BlackBerry’s cloud storage for businesses enables its smartphone user to pull up everything from spreadsheets to data to documents quickly and easily, eliminating the need for complicated email threads or back-and-forth messages to convey information to groups. For many businesses, this is going to save them a ton of time and money.


The only real constraints to cloud computing are server space and connection speed, but every day it’s growing immensely. Soon, the entire compendium of human data will be available on the cloud, so all that really has to catch up is the bandwidth side of things.

The real genius behind all this is that by eliminating the need for storage on pretty much all devices, hardware design can focus on processing and miniaturization. This will allow mobile device development to progress much faster than it would have otherwise, as it would have been bound by the constraints of the ubiquitous internal hard drive. Bandwidth, the main limiter to smooth use of the cloud system, also shows improvements on the horizon. More developed fiber optic networks will be able to push two or three times the amount of bandwidth on average, and this should be available within the next year or two.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Storage 6

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