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Mophie juice pack helium™ – iPhone 5 Pre-Order

mophie-iphone5Finally, it’s here (sorta)

The Mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone 5 is available via pre-order on their website. The 24-hour pre-order appears to only be available to existing customers of Mophie products, but I’m sure they won’t mind if you check out the site ahead of time – HERE

The specs for the 1500 mAh battery case show the following usage gains:

  • up to an additional 6 hours on 3G – Talk Time
  • up to an additional 6 hours on 3G – Internet
  • up to an additional 6 hours on LTE – Internet
  • up to an additional 7 hours on WiFi – Internet
  • up to 30 hours – Audio playback
  • up to 7 hours – Video playback

Existing customers can get in on the $79.95 pre-order price 🙂

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