3 Good Ways To Market Your Small Business Blog Using Social Media

There’s a new maxim which suggests that if your small business is not online, you don’t exist. We kindly agree with this maxim and the reason for this is because, we are an increasingly interconnected society and technology is the string that holds it all together. Not hardware technology but software technology in the form of social media.

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Social media (for now) consists of three big networks; which is Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. These three are the networks most of us belong to and participate in. For businesses, the three are the networks to focus your efforts on. If you recently created a blog for your small business and wish to promote the blog itself via social media, the three tips below are for you.

Let’s take the example of an insurance agency and their insurance blog, the tips below however apply to any small business. Keep reading. A universal life insurance company might want to use a blog to communicate with their customers and prospects about the various policies available, who qualifies and any host of information a potential client might be interested in. This is how and why a blog can become such a useful tool online, when used properly and strategically. Let’s see now three specific examples of how to market your blog via social media.

3 Good Ways To Market Your Small Business Blog Using Social Media

1. Facebook Groups

Are you familiar with the various groups that permeate Facebook? There are groups for every conceivable topic including aimed at small business owners and or bloggers. You should join a few of these and become a contributing member. Through these social hubs, you’ll be able to network with other small business owners who have recently created a blog and or who have experience with one. These groups are great for mixing and mingling, asking questions, getting feedback, etc. Find groups via a Google search for your preferred niche or perform the search on Facebook itself and keep an eye out for “groups” versus “pages” or “apps”.

2. Automate The Delivery Of Your Blogs RSS Feed

One thing I recommend all bloggers do, is create a feed via an automated delivery system on sites such as Twitterfeed. This site will allow you to set up a feed of your blog articles and deliver them automatically to either Twitter or Facebook or both. When you update your blog, Twitterfeed automatically updates Twitter and Facebook and submits the blog post on your behalf. It’s free, easy to setup and use.

3. Twitter Chat

Are you familiar with Twitter chats? These chats are aimed at bringing people together via a specific topic or niche. Getting back to the insurance agency, the company could create a one of a kind chat where the topic of insurance for high risk occupations is featured. This would bring about potential clients who have high risk jobs or careers and seek advice and tips on how best to insure themselves. This is an excellent way to fish out the people you seek to talk to and possibly do business with. Try a Twitter chat today, begin by searching on Tweet Chat for ideas and to either create or join one already scheduled in progress.

Which idea do you plan to implement this week, to promote your small business blog? Tell me below in the comment area.

Guest post by Missy Diaz who writes online about various topics and niches.

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