How Researchers are Working to Cure Colic

Bringing home the baby for the first time is an exciting experience for a new or extending family. A new baby is a fun and thrilling time for parents, grandparents, family, and friends. From the time the parents learn of the due date to the date the baby is delivered, there is baby talk, baby clothes, and baby eagerness in the air. Of course, realistically we know that there will be some trying times after the baby is born. There will be instances when the baby cannot be easily soothed or comforted. New parents might panic and run to the emergency room. Experienced parents may feel frustrated and exhausted. The important thing for every parent to realize is that there is help available.

The inability to sooth a crying baby may be due to colic. Colic is a condition when a healthy baby will suddenly cry in what appears to be pain or discomfort. The crying usually lasts for a long period of time and can happen quite frequently, without any visible or noticeable reason as to when or why. Colic will usually begin around the first month of the baby’s life and can continue throughout the first year.

Research is constantly being conducted to find the reason for the colic and possible cures. A cure is necessary because colic is stressful for babies and parents. Finding a cure will ease and comfort the baby while relieving strain from exhausted parents. Whenever there is an issue that impacts the development of a child or the loving bond between parent and child, then immediate attention is required.

Most issues of colic result from pain in the abdominal area. The pain can be the result of trapped gas, over feeding, inflammation in the intestines, or other gastrointestinal issues. Parents can try safely swaddling their baby, rocking their baby, giving the baby a warm bath, or attempting other methods of soothing their child.

Infants and very young children should steer clear of using medications to cure or heal medical conditions. There are nontoxic and natural methods of soothing the baby, relieving discomfort, and keeping the child safe. provides is an all natural remedy that alleviates painful gas and uncomfortable bloating.

While researchers continue to monitor the differences between pregnancies, births, and maternal influence on the development of colic, parents have options available to help sooth their babies during a crying spout. Studies are continuously conducted on the type of bacteria in a colicky infant’s digestive track versus a non-colicky infant to help understand this condition. As time progresses so does medical understanding and the increased probability to finding a cure for colic.

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