6 Ways to Give Your House a Facelift

When we get older, gravity seems to have an exponential effect on us, and makes us look older than we are. The same goes for houses, too; and it’s no crime to try to spruce the place up a little. In fact, a home “facelift” can increase property values and can be beneficial if it comes time to sell the home. There are really endless options when it comes to home facelifts, but deciding where to start can depend on budget restrictions.


  • Paint

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, inside and out. Paint ranges in price, but it is one of the cheaper ways to either spruce up or completely change the house. And the more hands that can help, the better.  Painting an accent wall in a small space can really make the room “pop”.

  • Re-arrange

The furniture has to clear out before the room can be painted, so why not put it back in a different place? This absolutely free option can do wonders for a room. I personally rearrange the furniture at least every six months, just because I get sick of looking at it and want something different.  Changing it up can breathe new life into the space.

  • Mirrors

Adding mirrors serves several purposes. They can make a small room look bigger (yay optical illusions), they can bring light into the room (the Ancient Egyptians used mirrors to bring light into dark spaces, and the theory still works). Also, there is a lot of variety in mirrors these days – starburst mirrors, circular mirrors, wavy mirrors. They can bring a little bit of spunk and personality into a room, for relatively low cost.

Higher-priced renovations

  • Windows

Dressing up window coverings can go a long way to change the way a room looks. There are several options for window dressings, from curtains to blinds to shutters – Columbus, Ohio is particularly suited to the classic, wood-shutter look).

A lot of houses can be spruced up if they have more “curb appeal”. Of course, everyone’s preferences are different, but putting in plants, shrubs, flowers, or trees can breathe new life into an old house, and putting in stone pathways or a new porch can work wonders. These options, of course, are going to cost more, but the improvements are worth it in the end.

  • Flooring

Switching from carpet to hardwood, or linoleum to tile, or even (as is trending right now) ripping up the carpet/hardwood/linoleum and polishing the concrete underneath can make a tremendous difference in a home. My parents recently had their floors tiled, and it looks amazing. The amount of options that come with choosing flooring can seem overwhelming, but the positive side of this is that there is something for anyone, regardless of style, taste, or budget.

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Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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