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iHangy iPhone 5 Slip in Case

This is an interesting post. First and foremost, I must apologize to our partner, Ontrion, whom provided me and my team with review product (like 2 or 3 months ago).

Why has it taken so long to get this review up – because we’ve been literally using the iHangy and haven’t sat down to simply write about how much of a cool product it actually is.

Don’t let that past sentence be a spoiler – keep reading, we’ve got some great insight to talk about regarding this product.

Back in March, we received the original iHangy for the iPhone 4/4S and you can see our review of that case over on THE Tech Scoop.

Then in October, Ontrion, sent us review units of their iHangy case for the iPhone 5.

iHangy is not your typical iPhone case. While it does provide protection from the elements as does everyone else’s case on the market, what set’s Ontrion’s product apart is that they are more function than just form.

There are three models available:

  • Keychain: iHangy “Slip in 5 Case + Keychain”:

For go-anywhere versatility, the Slip in 5 Case + Keychain secures your valuable iPhone 5 to your belt loop, bag strap or backpack. The carabiner clip (similar to the ones used while mountain climbing) attaches to your Slip in 5 Case at one end and forms a strong connection to your clothing or accessories at the other. Available in black, white and pink priced at $29.99.

  • Necklace: iHangy “Slip in 5 Case + Necklace”:

Function meets fashion with the Slip in 5 Case + Necklace. Simply attach the necklace to your favorite colored Slip in 5 Case and then slip it around your neck. While making a contemporary style statement, you’ll know exactly where your expensive iPhone 5 is at all times. Available in pink, white, and black, priced at $29.99.

  • Music Necklace: iHangy “Slip in 5 Case + Music Necklace”:

For the ultimate music listening experience, the Slip in 5 Case + Music Necklace is the all-in-one iPhone 5 solution. It secures your iPhone around your neck and makes a hip fashion statement. The included earbuds match the “Slip in 5 Case” color, or you can buy more than one in a contrasting hue for playful mix-and-match versatility. Available in black and white, priced at: $34.99.

Of all the selections, my personal favorite is the Music Necklace – A secure fit in the case and the lanyard and headphones worked well while at the gym exercising.

Check out the instructional video below to see just how straightforward it actually is to use the iHangy.

The iHangy Slip in 5 line is available now from,, and Bed Bath and Beyond.


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