Some people think that actors or celebrities are just pretty faces, who don’t have any skills or interests beyond making millions. However, many celebrities not only attended college and earned one or more degrees, several of them have degrees in business.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s true – the “Govenator” has a degree in Business. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Superior by correspondence to earn his Master’s in Business and International Economics, which no doubt helped his political career when he was governor of California.

David Spade

Although he is known for his slapstick comedy and “slacker” persona, David Spade earned a degree from Arizona State University in Business before going into comedy and eventually doing a run on Saturday Night Live and eventually working opposite of Katey Segal in “8 Simple Rules” after John Ritter’s death.

Kevin Costner

This busy man of Hollywood was on the return flight from his honeymoon when he met Richard Burton. He had just graduated with a degree in marketing and finance and even had a job lined up after he returned. He worked there for a mere 30 days before quitting so he could have more time to pursue acting.

John Elway

I’ll admit, I have a soft spot in my heart for John Elway and the Denver Broncos – he was my first celebrity crush. I was about seven years old. But Elway has always been an overachiever.  Before he had most victories of any starting quarterback, he earned his economics degree from Stanford while playing football and baseball. He then went on to have a senior executive role with the Denver Broncos and owns several businesses of his own.

P. Diddy

He is one of the most successful men in the rap industry, and he’s been through almost as many names as he’s had success. But apart from loving his artist pseudonyms, Sean Combs attended Howard University in the late 1980s. However, he didn’t finish his degree because he got an internship with Uptown records and went on to pursue his career in the music industry. With a net worth of almost $350 million, I’d say he made the right choice.

Lionel Richie

Successful in the music industry and adoptive father of Nicole Richie, this long-standing musician attended the Tuskegee Institute and earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics.


Larger-than-life basketball star Shaquille O’Neal fulfilled a promise to his mother when he got his Bachelor’s degree. But he refused to stop there, and went on to get an MBA from an online business college while in the NBA.

Ivanka Trump

The beautiful daughter of Donald Trump, 27-year-old Ivanka had to have at least some background in business to be able to keep up with the expectations of her enterprising father. She is currently his VP of Real Estate and Acquisitions for Trump Enterprises, in part because of her economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Benecio del Toro

Del Toro grew up in Puerto Rico but later moved to Pennsylvania with his family after the death of his mother. He ended up attending college in San Diego and pursued a business degree before landing jobs acting.

Clint Eastwood

Now he talks to chairs, but before he did that, Clint pursued a business degree at Los Angeles College. He never finished his degree, but was a successful actor and the mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea in the California.

Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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