Introduction to Online Dating 2The Internet has changed the entire world, including the way that we meet new potential life mates. Instead of going out on blind dates that are arranged by friends, most people now turn to dating sites in an effort to meet the person of their dreams. Although meeting someone online does give you the opportunity to learn a lot about them before you agree to actually meet in person, it also gives the other person ample time to learn what you are looking for and masquerade as that person. With all of the potential pros and cons of online dating, is it really the best way to meet someone?

Does Online Dating Work?

Although you will probably go through more potential suitors online than you would in the offline world, there is definitely a good chance that you will meet someone who you will connect with by utilizing online dating. In fact, a study conducted by Match.com during 2009 and 2010 discovered that 20 percent of the people who were in a new committed relationship had met their significant other on a dating website. The study also determined that 20 percent of the people who browse online dating websites have dated at least one person who they met on one of the sites.

Although 20 percent might not seem like a big number, online dating sites led to more relationships during the two-year research period than all bars, clubs, social events, church and random meetings combined. In fact, the only methods that were more reliable for finding a new partner were being introduced by someone you know or meeting them at school or work.

Why do People use Online Dating Websites?

In the past, people had a relatively small net that they could cast when they were looking to meet another person. The Internet gives everyone the opportunity to choose from a much bigger pool of potential candidates, and it can also help you meet extremely interesting people who live a few town away. Consider the fact that the majority of the people who marry after meeting on an online site would probably have never met in the offline world, and you will instantly understand why online dating is appealing to so many people. With more options available to you, it makes no sense to limit your search to people who you encounter on a daily basis. If you are truly interested in meeting someone who you really connect with, you should pay attention to the people in your daily life and your probable matches on at least one popular dating website.

Is Online Dating Safe?

You need to protect yourself by utilizing a public meeting place anytime that you go out on a first date. This is true not only of people who you meet online, but also of people who you meet from any other source. Although the online world does provide people with more of an opportunity to hide their true intentions upfront, most people are simply trying to meet the right person. By following common sense and allowing yourself to remain anonymous for at least a few days while you have online discussions, you can determine who you should meet offline and who you should start pressing the ignore button for. According to Psych Central, online dating can actually be a more empowering process than more traditional methods of dating, so feel free to sign up for an online dating website and start sorting through potential dates.


This article was written by Greg Hutchinson on behalf of Badoo. Want to find someone to online chat with? Check them out! Greg writes about various relationship and dating issues as well as advice throughout the web.

Introduction to Online Dating 3

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