7 Ingenious Tricks to Avoid Clogged Drains

The easiest drain to clear is the one that never happens. When you take care of your drains, you won’t have to worry about clogs from hair, grease and dirt. Use these easy tips to preserve drains and keep them running smooth.

Use a Hair Net
A small mesh strainer available at most discount and hardware stores, a mesh net will catch most hair before it flows down the drain. They cost a few dollars, and will keep your drains clean if used regularly. Clean the mesh after every shower or after the tub drains from a bath and you will understand why hair clogs in drains are so common. They can also be used in laundry room tubs to keep lint out of the drains.

Watch what Goes down the Drain
Greasy and fatty liquids congeal and become encrusted on the sides of drainpipes. The drain starts to narrow, and clogs are likely to occur. Put solid grease in the trashcan and pour liquid grease into empty jars to be thrown out once it cools. Other items you don’t want to send down the drain include sanitary napkins, diapers and household garbage.

Save Money on Detergent
Detergents from washing clothes can also adhere to pipe walls, so make sure you are only using what you need. Excessive use of detergent won’t make the clothes any cleaner, and it can harm the pipes. You will save money on laundry, and you will protect your pipes and save money on visits from the plumber.

Protect Floor Drains
Floor drains are a prime spot for debris to enter drainpipes and clog them. Take steps to protect the drains from garbage, leaves and other debris. This is particularly important in garages where drains are at higher risk.

Eliminate Live Roots
Protect the drainpipes in your yard from the invasion of roots with special chemical treatments. Poured into the drains regularly, the chemical will kill any live roots that start to break into the lines. The chemicals are not absorbed by the plants, so your trees will continue growing while your pipes are protected.

Use a Homemade Preventive Treatment
Mix one cup of baking soda with 50 ml of vinegar and a cup of boiling water. The solution will clean the drain and remove buildup from pipe walls without harming the pipes.

Keep a Tidy Home
Most calls to Bob Oates drain cleaning services come from toys, knick knacks and other items that were accidentally dropped down the drain. Avoid this particular service call by keeping items on counters and sinks away from drains so they won’t get knocked in.

The drains throughout your home need to be protected and preserved. Keep them running smooth and avoid service calls by following these simple tips. If you do require professional assistance with clogged drains, call Bob Oates for prompt service and reasonable prices.

7 Ingenious Tricks to Avoid Clogged Drains 2
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