Mount Everest, in Two Billion Pixels

Story via | Washington Post

I saw this story and immediately also thought of the other climate change story we published a few days ago about the Chasing Ice film, so obviously I felt compelled to post this as well.

Check this awesome photo of Mount Everest. This photo should trump anything you’ve ever seen of the mountain as it is part of a broader project called GlacierWorks by mountaineer David Breashears and the image is comprised of old and images of the mountain into one massive 2 billion pixel visual display.

To view the full image, click through here.

Breashears GlacierWorks project aims to document the current state of glaciers in the Himalayas and how the mountain and those glaciers are being affected by climate change.

Recently David Breashears was a guest on All Things Considered on NPR. Below is the audio of that interview.


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