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Hands On: Mimobot® Star Trek™ flash drive

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Recently I’ve been spending a little time with my good friends Kirk and Spock from Star Trek.  Well, not the actors or characters but their likenesses on the Mimobots from Mimoco. These drives come in sizes raging from 8 GB to 64 GB, but that’s not what makes them so cool.   Beyond the normal, boring, plain ol’ storage device these USB drives give you geek cred by saying, “yeah, i’m a Trekkie.” Plus, if you run the included installer on your computer you can hear random sounds from the Star Trek series every time you plug in the drive.



This mimobot is just about 2.5 inches.

Above, you’ll see the Spock Mimobot spinning around and around in animated gif  fashion (as a side note, I’ll be writing up a ‘How to’ article on our sister site, THE Tech Scoop on how to create your own gif like this). They’re about 2.5 inches tall and they work with your Mac or your PC. As a USB drive, you get your storage, the top of Spock’s head pops off to reveal the connector.  Once plugged in, there’s a little light on the back to tell you you’ve got power.


As an added bonus, the drives contain several additional features:

  • Star Trek themed wall papers – these are optimized for various sized screen varying anywhere from 320×240 for ‘mobile to 1024×1024 for iPad to 1920×1080 for my main monitors, or yours.
  • Comics –
  • mimoByte™ sound software (mentioned above)
  • mimoDesk™ personalization suite (make your computer look like LCARS )

Mimoco doesn’t just offer Star Trek themed drives – which, by the way, come in Kirk, Spock, Data and Captain Picard.  They have a TON of character themed options including Star Wars, DC comics, Transformers, Adventure time, G.I. Joe and Hello Kitty just to name a few.  Plus, they carry other items like iPhone covers, apparel and other cool toys.  Check out their site here.

The Star Trek drives come in 4 sizes.  They are 8, 16, 32, 64 GB and cost $19.99, $29.99, $39.99, and $69.99 respectively.


The top pops off, you plug it in and away you go.

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